Extended Warranty

I have looked on line for extended warranty for hearing aids, i can not find much regarding extra warranty.

How do I go about getting extra warranty on my hearing aids if my audiologist will not sell it.

Looks like I have two years free then its up to me to pay up if they go wrong.

Any one know of a good place to go for extra warranty or insurance even.


There are a few companies that will provide additional warranties, ESCO is the primary one I can think of. The thing is that you can always purchase an extended warranty through the manufacturer before the original one runs out. I’m not sure why your pro would refuse to do so. The other possibility is finding another provider that would agree to sell you an extended warranty on your hearing aids through the original manufacturer.

My pro will not supply extra warranty. says its not cost effective.
Never seen ESCO I will look them up.

During the original warranty period, absolutely. After the original warranty expires??? Nonsense.

It makes no sense to have additional warranty while the original warranty is in place but as soon as that expires, there is no coverage. Now, I usually recommend that my patients just wait until something breaks to pay money to repair it, unless they’ve had to send it back a few times during the original warranty period. It costs about $175/hearing aid to extend the warranty for one year so if a patient chose to do that they’d pay $350 and possibly never need to send it in. Many pros (including myself) cover all in-office services whether they are under warranty or not. So, if a patient pays $350 and never needs to send it in, it’s money wasted. But if they waited until in needed to be sent in, they’d only pay about $250/aid (and usually only have to send one in at a time) and it comes back with another 1 year warranty on it. So in general, it makes more sense money-wise and ends up costing less to just wait for something major to break before paying for the repair.

That’s what I tell patients when they ask about extra coverage. Most just pay for repairs as needed but I still give them the option to order the extended warranty when the original one expires if they want either through the company or ESCO.