Extended warranty for Nu ear

My mother-in-law is running out of her one year warranty on her hearing aids and they want $600 for another year. Seems kind of expensive. But then repairs on her NU ears hearing aids could also be expensive. It would be great to get some advice, as I am not familiar with hearing aids and will have to make the decision for her.

Does your mother-in-law visit her NuEar dispenser for cleanings or adjustments? The $600 fee might include some type of professional service in addition to any loss/damage/repair of the hearing aids. Check with the dispenser. If you don’t get the extended warranty, expect to pay $250 to $400 for a single repair incident.

Thank you so much for your reply! Yes she does visit her NuEar dispenser for cleanings and adjustments. Looking at the extended warranty it is $560.00 and does include some things. New ear buds, cleaning, 6 months of batteries and one adjustment. You have helped me make an informed decision. I will get the warranty so she can not worry about a repair. Thank you again and I will recommend this forum to all my friends in need.
Bud C.