Extended warranties

I just purchased a pair of America Hears Freedom SIE hearing aids. They come with a one-year warranty (does not include loss). They offer an extended warranty that also includes loss. Their prices are $99, $149, and $199 for 1, 2, and 3-year (respectively) loss/damage warranty.

I would be interested in others opinions whether it’s worth it or not. Generally, I view extended warranties as money makers for the sellers, but I’m not sure if this is true in this case, too.

I use this in my practice they work well


Thanks for the response. I am really looking for opinions about whether extended warranties are worth purchasing at all. Being a new user, I am not sure of the likelihood of damaging or losing the HAs. If the general trend of people is to see a lot of losses and damage, I would pursue it.

If the instruments are durable and hold up without a problem, it may not be worth it. I look at these things as a numbers game.

Based on the AH policy. If I lose or damage the HA, there is a $200 deductible per unit to replace it. I can spend $300 to insure a pair for 2 years. If I lose them, it will cost me $400 to replace them. This totals $700.

If I don’t get the insurance and lose them, it will cost me $2,000 to replace them. So it’s going to cost $300 to potentially save $1,300. If it’s likely that this is going to happen, it may not be a bad investment. If most people’s experience is that they never lose or damage them and it’s unlikely that this will occur, then it’s not a good investment.

I’m trying to get some experienced users’ opinions on this so I can make a slightly more informed decision.

The question I have is what does the warranty cover. Will they repair or replace the aid if something breaks. Will the warranty cover the relacement of the old aid for something you may have done, such as dropping the aid in the pool, or maybe running the aid through the washing machine. Will the warantee replace the aid for other types of damage, such as your dog chewing up the aid.
does the warantee have any kind of deductible, etc. I had a warranty with Oticon where they would replace the aid, no questions asked. the price you are quoting seems very good, but what will it cover?

It is easy to lose a HA. I once lost one and had it replaced under warranty. Last year, I lost a pair of HA not under warranty. More than once, I have started showering without removing HA and also once jumped in a swimming pool though luckily no damage occurred. I just purchased a pair of SIE and decided not to take out the AH extended warranty (called a protection plan) though I don’t think it is overpriced. As decribed at http://americahears.com/Buy/BUYprotection.shtml the warranty is good for one replacement in the protection period. The replacement covers just the instrument and not molds, tubes, accessories, or shipping costs. Thus, for an $1099 (price could change), at $199 for 3-year warranty, the saving if lost or damaged would probably be about $800 after paying for tube, mold, shipping, etc., and I’d probably ante up another $199 for a new warranty. The warranty is for replacement, so I also would not be able to purchase a different model - probably not important unless dissatisfied with the current one or a new improved model came out in the latter portion of the coverage period. The warranty may be worth the peace of mind, but I decided I could benefit from motivation to be a bit more careful with the HA.

Assuming that you get your aids from an Audiologist, why would you have to pay for new tubing or for that matter new accessories? or for that matter if the aid breaks why are you paying for a new mold.

Hask, I think the primary risk is in losing the hearing aid; that’s the costly portion. The mold, tubes, and accessories are of relatively low cost and not in the range that I would think of insuring. Perhaps the insurance would appear more valuable if it covered all those items, but would not really be worth much more. I usually just take out insurance for major losses. To me, covering just the HA makes sense and makes it easier for the customer to decide whether to purchase the protection. Just my opinion.

Thanks for these posts as well because it is decision time for me as well.

That depends on you. I have had aids for 15 years. Always bought protection. I have never lost am aid. So in 15 years this is pure profit for them. Your deductible is the true cost of the aid.

If you are a careful non complacent person I would say it’s not worth it. I added up what I paid for the insurance for the 15 years with out a claim and put that money in a interest bearing bank account. I could have paid them out of this bank account if I needed. If I didn’t need to make a claim I could buy new aids. After the insuranse period is expired, you loose the money.

If you are disciplined, start your own account and if you never use it, the money is yours for whatever. The insurance is very limited. Keep as much money as you can. It will give you more personal options.

the 3 year loss insurance seems reasonably price…

I agree and I think I will get it. I am careful of my stuff, but there are so many unknowns. I’m one of those people who love critters so I could set my HAs on a coffee table for five minutes and my lab might decide to snack on them. And of course we here on the Gulf Coast have our hurricanes to deal with.
At the moment I am not wealthy so suddenly having to pay for two HAs even reasonably priced ones like AH would be a burden.

Thanks for all of your replies. Has anyone here actually used the option to replace a lost HA?

I have use www.mwhi.com they are really really great.
they send you the instruments overnight…

150$ for most aids - lost and stolen is fair

If your hearing aids REALLY help you, you will never loose them because they will almost never be out of your ears when you are awake. The only awake time mine come out is when I am going to get very wet or need serious ear protection (power tools) and need to insert foam ear plugs.

I would never take them out and put them on a coffee table. If you are likely to do this with pets around, you better get the insurance!