Explanation of Htz numbers

Can someone explain what the numbers on the left, the Htz numbers represent. That is what kind of sound (or loss of sound) are we talking about at the 500 Htz level, 1000 Htx, etc

Hertz and frequency are the same thing. The lower the number, the lower the sound, like bass. The higher the number, the higher the sound, like treble.

Run an Internet search for sound frequency and you will get a much better answer.

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As suggested and here ya go

related to severity:
normal hearing (0 to 20 dB HL),
mild hearing loss (20-40 dB HL),
moderate hearing loss (40-60 dB HL),
severe (60-80 dB HL)
and profound hearing loss (80 dB HL or greater).

Si8nce both our high numbers are in the 60’s I assume both of us would be considered “moderate hearing loss”, Do you agree or have you been told something else.

Frequency (Hz) runs along the bottom of the Audiogram - Middle ‘C’ on the piano is about 500 (512Hz) and each next point in the audiogram is the next C (nearly) above that up the right hand side of the piano.

The dB - decibel scale on the left hand side indicates the level of hearing loss in terms of the power of sound needed for the ear to hear it. The higher the number or farther ‘down’ the chart you are, the worse the loss. There are several dB scales for sound, depending on how and what you are measuring: this one is dB HL (Hearing Loss).

The ‘Severity’ of a loss is a more subjective, broadly speaking your moderate, moderate/severe assessment is accurate, but it would differ enormously if you were a Nursery teacher, worked on in a share dealing ‘pit’ or were a hermit with only occasional need to interact with the outside world.

New hear (ha ha) here. Glad to find others with same issues to discuss hearing problems.

I have had profound loss since I was a baby from either high fever or the drugs to treat the high fever. (according to my mom)

I remember when my hearing was checked in Kindergarden (sp) that I was told it was like I had been in the Army Artillery division during a war. I never paid much attention to it , I guess because I never had hearing to start with. Anyway, its taken a toll on me and friends pressured me to get hearing aids about three years ago because they got tired of repeating themselves around me uhpteen times. Maybe selfish or inconsiderate on their part but wow, now with hearing aids going on about 2.5 years my life has changed.

I have audibels in canal. I just called and have my audiograms (sp) sent to me which I will post. Still to this date I have not kept up with the details. I just asked and they said my 2,000’s were in the 70’s or 80’s and got worse from there. When I had the test at Audibel one of the sounds with aids that they give you were birds, which I could not hear. I don’t hear watches and cell phone ringers (good right?) etc. Anyway, I am wondering who has a scale of everyday sounds and where they fall with regard to Hertz. I can hear a crow ok without aids (better with them in) but the rest of the birds I must admit I have not really heard. What else am I missing?

It has been hard to learn to hear with the aids and headaches I get may be related to getting too much sound. One area that I must admit has been life changing for me is being able to hear my voice and sing with a guitar (and guitars now sound different - better). Before I could never pull off singing and playing without being way out of key. Still have to have subtitles to understand dialogue in movies.

I still pull the aids in restaurants and around kids. Too much sound!!

So, how long will it take to learn to hear better with the aids and what else should I try to focus on hearing. Even with aids I still can’t hear cell phones and watches and alarms and such.

Any response help appreciated!