Expired hearing aid batteries on ebay? a good deal?

I always buy cheap hearing aid batteries because I rest my hearing aid battery. I open the door to save batteries, since I don’t wear it if I don’t have anyone around to talk to. It’s a drag to wear it at home. My refrigerator sounds like a elephant stampede. My own footsteps bother me. Then if I wear it too long, my ears really begin to hurt. My hearing lose is selective to human speech in the low and mid frequencies. I like the fm system if it is directly plugged in to something. Even that makes my ears hurts and makes me feel tired. So consequently, since I don’t wear my hearing aid, I saved a lot of money on wear and tear, and I have had the same hearing for years with size 13 batteries.

My mom is on a fixed income. She also wears size 13 batteries, but she is getting a new hearing aid soon. We don’t know what batteries the new one will take. I gave her all my cheap batteries. She still wants more batteries size 13, and it’s a real problem. She said my cheap batteries won’t last her from breakfast to dinner. I can get two or three days out of them. They work great for me. I don’t use the newer zinc ones. These are old Energizer Batteries. I got them at this place online. What a deal, but now I can’t find that place anymore, since it has been years. They used to nag me with post cards in the mail about buying more batteries, and I never needed them, but I do need some size 13 batteries now.

I saw a deal on eBay to buy some expired or almost expired batteries. It say they expire between 2011 and 2014. So, I am thinking what is up with that? The ones I had expire in 2012. They still work, so should I chance it on these batteries? 250 batteries for 80 dollars, but I think I can make a offer of like 50 dollars since they are expired.

So, using the cheap batteries even if you have to replace them twice a day is still a better deal than the expensive batteries? Is there a cost analysis I can consult for hearing aid batteries? Do you all prefer cheaper or high end batteries? I know the expensive ones can have a better sound.

how long does a pair of fresh size 13 batteries last her?