Experiences With Phonak Audeo - YES HA's?

I appreciate the report on the Phonak. I have never worn hearing aids, but probably have needed them for some time. After a hearing test, my audiologist has recommended Widex. However, the Phonak representative has offered a free hearing test and a 30-day trial if I wish to try a Phonak model. I am going Thursday and will have lots of questions about the YES. Thanks for sharing your experience.

After 8 days of wearing the Audeo Yes V and 2 fittings I am still having problems and so was hoping that those who have had positive experiences with the Audeo Yes could share their fit solutions and settings?

Specifically, I am wondering if anyone with an open dome has experienced any of these problems and what setting adjustments were made to improve them.

  1. A hollow sound in the presence of background noise, especially when outdoors. This originally was a metallic buzzing sound, but after the 2nd fitting turned into the hollow sound (like holding a long hollow tube up to your ears).

  2. For high frequency beeps and tones, I can detect an extra tone or beat frequency. I am thinking this is the Sound Recover feature (frequency compression) giving a shifted frequency and it is interfering with the natural sound that comes through the open dome.

  3. A hiss when in a very quiet situation - this can be reduced by turning down the volume, but not totaling eliminated.

I have another fitting scheduled, but thought I would see how others have solved these issues.


Sorry, can’t say I ever experienced any of those. I have had custom molds since day 1 though as I started with the Siemens Pure 500’s and needed the custom molds to resolve a feedback issue with them. When I switched to the YES IX’s, my audi just went straight off to the custom molds. Sorry, can’t help on this.

Galan, here are my thoughts about that:

  1. It might be some tiny amount of feedback, is it more if you use a hat? If you have the feedback phase inverter (WhistleBlock) set properly, you could try to add more noise reduction (NoiseBlock Processing). At least with my Phonak Savia noise reduction reduces also feedback, and actually it might help even if it’s something else.

  2. It sounds like it could be the feedback phase inverter (WhistleBlock) which is interfering musical tones. Audeo Yes V seems to have music program option only as a manual program, you could try to set that and test if it’s better. With open domes it’s most likely best to keep the feedback phase inverter on.

  3. May I ask is this a constant hiss or a changing hiss?

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[quote=galan]"After 8 days of wearing the Audeo Yes V and 2 fittings I am still having problems and so was hoping that those who have had positive experiences with the Audeo Yes could share their fit solutions and settings?

Specifically, I am wondering if anyone with an open dome has experienced any of these problems and what setting adjustments were made to improve them."

Hello Galan,

I’m just into the sixth day of trying the Audeo Yes V’s with open domes but am not having any of those problems. This is my first time with hearing aids.

I’ve had slightly metallic sound in a few situations. My domes are out of the box but my audi took impressions and she is getting custom ones for me to try.

The only problems I’m having are with the Icom volumes.
I live 100 miles from my audi and sound center so I won’t be getting a second fitting till two weeks have passed since the original fitting.

I tried streaming audio from my PC last night and it works well but bluetooth audio from the PC is of poor quality at this time (songs and music).

My audi said yesterday that the self learning feature for volume works in all the programs, automatic, speech in noise, phone etc. but doesn’t change the volume much.

I’m thrilled at how well the Icom works with my cell phone (except for unbalanced volume that she said she could fix easily). My cell is a HTC S720 with Telus in Canada.

I wonder how one would make out with the Phonak Ipeg program and Icube doing adjustments on his own. I’m somewhat considering doing that but will just look through the program to start with. I’d need to be able to save my audi’s settings to go back to. I don’t know if they would be transferable from her PC Ipeg program to mine with a memory stick. The time and distance to her site is what is making me consider this.
I see Phonak has tutorial downloads for learning how to use it.

I hope the problems you are having can be worked out and wish you good luck.

0250.Hz L-25 R-15
0500.Hz L-35 R-20
1000.Hz L-55 R-40
2000.Hz L-55 R-45
3000.Hz L-50 R-35
4000.Hz L-60 R-35
6000.Hz L-55 R-65
8000.Hz L-65 R-55

Just had another fitting and so far no luck at getting rid of the hollow sound when outdoors or the hiss when in very quiet situations. In addition to the extra beats I hear when listening to some phone rings etc, I now hear a rattling sound (sort of like an echo) on the high frequency elements of speech. Seems like I am going backwards. My audi took impressions from custom molds, so will give those a try.

Here are my current settings:
………………….Calm Situations………Speech in Noise……Comfort in Noise
Mic Mode:………Real Ear Sound……….Voice Zoom……………Real Ear Sound

I also now have a manual Calm Situations program with SoundRecover turned off, but can not tell any difference in any of the problems I am experiencing.

Not having worn any device before now, I am beginning to wonder if my expectations are too high.


Sorry if i’ve missed it but i can’t see any comments on battery life. I have the Audeo Yes IX and with minimal use of the icom i get 5 days of battery life. If I increase the icom usage just a small amount this drops to 4 days. Is this simliar to what everyone else is experiencing?


Similar to what I get, yes. I get 5 days on the battery. I do have the power receiver, and have the iCom ON all day long. I use it all day with the Jabra and my office phone in my office, usually having to recharge the iCom at noon. 5 days doesn’t sound like much, but I am so happy with the great performance of the YES IX’s, that I’m not complaining. My previous Phonak Extra’s and Siemens Music’s gave me 6 to 7 days on a battery and not even close to the results of the YES IX.

I’m experiencing similar results under similar circumstances. My Audeo YES IXs with power receiver are lasting 5 to 5-1/2 days (16 hour days) with several hours of iCom use per day.

My old Siemens CIC (size 10 batteries, forget the model) lasted 6-7 days.

All in all, I’m happy with them.

I am wearing a demo pair of the Yes’s IX and really like the feel and sound. I am having trouble however with almost non-stop feedback on the left side which gets worse with my glasses on. Is this something that can be fixed? I am fitted with the open domes so does this mean I will need a different tip for the left ear. I think I’m sold if the feedback can be resolved.

I had constant feedback with the Siemens Pure’s that I was trialing before I switched to the YES’s, also on just one side, not the other. After trying all of the different styles and sizes of domes in that ear, my audi ordered custom molds and that fixed the problem. When I went to the YES’s, she just ordered the custom molds up front without my even trying the open fit ones.

ok finally i got to see my audi regarding the intermittent power loss of my Phonak Vs. I have returned them and lucky for me the manufacturer has replaced them with the upgraded IXs at no additional cost to me. I must say Phonak’s response (with my audi’s help of course) to my problem has been exceptional. the old units are being dissected to find out what’s wrong with them. i believe some of us has experienced this power loss.
The IX’s are really good. i am just getting used to them from this first day fitting. will report as i go on :slight_smile:

I have fitted a lot of YESes.

I can now tell if the Phonak iPFG recommendation for an open tip is hogwash.
Sometimes I check the graphs and then I go straight to a tulip dome as I KNOW that the recommended open dome will squeal - or will have to be run at a lower than target gain.


I am 2 weeks into a trial of Audeo Yes V (standard RIC) and have had to replace the batteries just once on the start of the 8th day. I expect I will have to replace again tomorrow or next day. I wear the HAs about 16 hours a day and while at work I use the iCom (streaming audio, not Bluetooth) about 2-3 hours a day at work. Currently using PowerOne, P312 batteries.

BTW - I also have the myPilot, but the HA battery status screen is virtually useless since it shows full batteries right up to the time the batteries in both HAs die!

Keep in mind that that is a property of the batteries. This type of battery is designed to maintain full strength until it literally dies. So yes, the screen may be useless, but not by design of the screen, but of the batteries.

I would also suspect that the batteries would naturally last a bit longer with the standard receiver, and tend to use more power with the power receiver shortening their life somewhat when the power RIC is used.

Yes, I was told that if you use the mypilot a lot it eats up more battery life.

Have them increase the “whistleblock” in that hearing aid. I had a lot of feedback in one of mine and as soon as she increased the “whistleblock” from medium to full the feedback went away.

I’ve just had my Audeo Yes Fives for twelve days now so have very limited experience.
One needed a battery change about noon of the eighth day and the other about the same time on the ninth day.

I caught one on the My Pilot graph showing about done and a couple of minutes later the tone came on in the HI indictating low battery, then it was dead within 5 minutes.

My mother’s Starkey 1200 Destiny set does the same thing. The battery goes dead about 5 minutes after the low battery tone sounds.
She uses hers about 11- 12 hours a day and the batteries last 5 days.

I used the My Pilot a lot during this trial period as well as using the ICOM both in bluetooth and a little in audio. My usage has averaged about 10 - 11 hours per day. I don’t have the power receivers as far as I know.

I’m using the Ray O Vac Extra batteries that have one of the shorter lives of the ones tested by a person in the battery forum at,

I would certainly agree with Neilk that the batteries last at high power and give out in a few minutes.

0250.Hz L-25 R-15
0500.Hz L-35 R-20
1000.Hz L-55 R-40
2000.Hz L-55 R-45
3000.Hz L-50 R-35
4000.Hz L-60 R-35
6000.Hz L-55 R-65
8000.Hz L-65 R-55

Hi, have you tried to use the iCom outdoor with mobile phone? People complained the noise was unbearable for them when I use the iCom outdoor or at the restaurant. The ambience noise seems to interfere with the conversation.

I’ve used it outside as well as at work with people speaking over the speakerphones to my right and behind me. I have had people complain about hearing those on the speakerphone … but then I am always yelling at them over their high volume to turn them down some … so that is nothing unusual. If I use my own phone on speakerphone, they hear the surrounding noise as well. Outside has not been an issue for me or those on the other end, or no one has complained at least.