Experiences With Phonak Audeo - YES HA's?


Someone mentioned getting the just released Phonak Audeo - YES IX’s on this board. I had my audi order a pair for me to trial alongside my Siemens Pure 500’s. They will hopefully be in after about a week, and she will give me time to trial both before making a decision on which to keep. So it is Siemens Pure 500’s with Tek verses Phonak Audeo - YES IX with iCom and iPilot. Of course, the immediate advantage of the Tek is that it is one piece that does it all. The iCom though appears to be smaller to wear around the neck, not as obtrusive. Also, the iCom has a single button as you need to carry the separate iPilot remote around to control and to view the status readouts on the aids. When it comes to answering a cell phone call hands free while driving … it would seem that the iCom would have the definite advantage as you do not have to look at it to hit the correct button to switch over.

The iCom also supports FM, which I am not familiar with, and do not anticipate using, but it is an available option.

Now, these YES IX are a bit hard to come by as they have just been released in the past week or two from what I understand. And I know it’s really pushing it hoping to find people who have them posting on this board. But I figured I’d give it a go … anyone out there with these??? If so … what are your thoughts on them so far … love them, hate them, like this don’t like that??? Once I get them in to trial, of course I’ll add my own comments here as well.

There are 3 models of Audeo - YES, the III, V, and IX. The IX are the top of the line ones with 20 channels of noiseblock processing and 33 channels of directionality, and the premium soundflow, and a couple of other extras.



Hi Neilk,

Saw your response in the other thread. I am looking forward to hearing all about your experiences.

Can I be bold and ask how much they are charging for the aids? I have not been able to find any quotes at all online.



Affordable Hearing have them listed at £1600 for the Yes 9, £1450 for the Yes 5 and £1250 for the Yes 3.




You can be bold … but I wasn’t :o I didn’t ask, and she didn’t offer. My Pure 500’s with the Tek came to US $5,500. My audi is offering these to me to trial as she knows that I am questioning the Pure’s and had asked her “How do I know these are the best unless I do try something else.” She said another client had tried the Exelia’s and didn’t like them because it meant carrying two devices around instead of just one. That didn’t make much sense to me, so when I took the Pure’s in yesterday to have a lost program put back (?), I mentioned these and asked “Can we go for them?” She made a phone call and said they may be in hopefully next Friday, which I already had set as a follow-up appointment on the Pure’s.

My wife’s excellent health insurance covers 90% of hearing aid costs up to their paying $5,000 once every 3 years, remotes, etc not covered. This just started last year actually, the last ones they gave us like $500 I think it was against the approximately $4,000 outlay. So when I asked how this will work, she did say that I will keep both so can trial them next to each other … which I absolutely love. I won’t be saying “How did those sound again?” as I can just switch back and forth and listen. She said the insurance will be applied to whichever I keep. I had already indicated that thanks to the insurance, I don’t mind as much paying that amount over. But I didn’t ask and she didn’t mention … so I’m assuming within reason or the same as the Pure’s.




Which comes out to 1600 British pounds = 2,280.96 U.S. dollars which is a pretty close amount to that I paid for the Pure 500’s. $2,500 each.

I am getting them at a local HearX which is only 10 minutes from home and has a licensed audiologist rather than a hearing aid dispenser. So I do expect to pay a slight premium for her education, license, and expertise … and hope she’s worth it. The office is more convenient, although it suffers from the lousy hours of business that all hearing aid businesses suffer from. They make it difficult for a working person to get in without losing time from work. I have not found anything local to me or my business that has better hours. My previous pair were purchased from a licensed dispenser, not audiologist who was very good … but passed away. His replacement doesn’t impress me quite as much. HearX does specialize in, push, Siemens, which I am not particularly impressed with at this time.




Stay away from the Siemens! I’ve had 10 years of Siemens with nothing but problems and constant repairs. It’s only since I found this forum that I’ve learned how much I’ve been taken advantage of! :mad:



OK, the verdict is in. The Phonak Audeo - YES IX’s are in my ears. The iCom is plugged into my computer speaker and the music sounds great in my ears … much better than it did in the Tek.

So, got fitted last night and I absolutely LOVE the YES. Their name is appropriate … I’ve been saying YES YES YES!!! since putting them on. They are much more full-bodied sound than the Siemens Pure 500’s. The Pure’s were very hollow sounding, tinny even. These YES have great sound, much more bass, more natural to me … or at least much more pleasant.

My audi kept commenting about the disadvantage of having to carry two items with the YES as opposed to the “just one” with the Siemens. Keep in mind this is through HearX, which Siemens seems to have lots of interest in. OK, the Siemens Tek is bigger, clunkier, heavier. Although I like the multiple buttons for ease of selecting programs at one click … it swings like a pendulum when hung around your neck and you are walking. And to take a call, you have to look at it to find the green button. The iCom, on the other hand, is slimmer, much smaller than the Tek, hangs flatter around your neck. It doesn’t do the pendulum swing, and can be worn under your clothes without someone asking what that lump on your chest is. The iCom has much better sound on the cell phone as well as when listening to music via the computer connection. It only has one big button, easy to find and push to accept or reject a cell call. The Tek did come with a bluetooth transmitter to connect to your TV or stereo, the iCom does not. But the iCom does support one if you wish to buy one, and it also supports FM if you wish to go that way or already have it. I do not have the FM transmitter and do not intend to buy one at this time. For late night or early morning TV or PS3, while my wife is sleeping, I can use my Bose headset … or, and I haven’t tried this yet but can imagine it would work … just plug the long extension cord for the headset into the iCom. Although if I’m going to get out the 25 foot extension, might just as well use the Bose for their superior sound … superior to anything else I’ve ever tried.

The iPilot has much more control than the Tek, another big plus. Yes, you have to use a menu system. But, the lcd multicolor screen is clear as can be. Where the Tek had only 5 volume positions, the iPilot has 10 above and 10 below the center comfort level which is set for your default sound level. There is no treble adjustment, but I’m finding the sound quality itself is so much better with the YES and do not miss the treble adjustment at all. Also, the iPilot lets you adjust both sides simultaneously, or individually. So if you want one side to be slightly louder, you can do so. However, with the IX version, you also have Sound Zooming. Zoom allows you to select which direction the mics should enhance the most. It is quite neat, and works quite well, allowing you to set the sound stage to be the person directly in front of you, or to the side when driving, etc. The iPilot is also slightly smaller than the Tek, and flatter. So it fits in your pocket easier. It has the time and date displayed on the screen, and even has an alarm clock you can set to send a set of tones into your aids … how cool :smiley:

I won’t be able to test the iCom with the Jabra A7010 bluetooth adapter until I go back to work Monday, no rush on my behalf for that. I am anticipating that it will work as well, if not better than the Tek which I have to hold directly in front of my mouth for the Jabra. One other item is that the YES do not have any control button on them. The default program is Automatic. Using the remote, iPilot, you can change the programs between Speech in Noise, Speech in Comfort, and Music. Automatic is supposed to automatically switch between variations of these programs depending on the conditions. Right now, the remote is displaying “iCom Streaming”, and I can still hear other sounds in the room as though it were natural. OK … I LOVE THESE!!!

Goodbye Pures



Shhhhhhhh! I told you I would be watching!:cool:




Goodbye Pures




Another update … the iCom works flawlessly with the Jabra A7010. It sounds better than the Tek did. I can hear the sounds around me still, the mics are not shut down. But the phone call is like at the center of things, it is the most distinguishable sound, clear as a bell.

Another item, it was a friend’s birthday, so my wife and I took her to the restaurant of her choice last night. She chose Ruby’s Diner, a hamburger restaurant with really really good burgers. At any rate, we were sitting at the table and I was talking to our friend across the table. My wife said “WAIT a minute!!! You can hear her???” I could, and was holding a conversation in a noisy restaurant. This is a friend who I could never understand before in a quiet room even without saying “huh?” 20 times a minute. My wife even says she mumbles and speaks too fast and too low. I could hear her!!! In our 6 or so years of friendship with this neighbor … I could never hear her … until I got these YES!



Neilk, have you ever posted your audiogram on the forum? Your audiogram results might be helpful to others who are considering looking into this aid.



Paul, My audiogram is in my profile. Just click on my name in front of any post and select to view my Profile or Public Profile … whichever it is. You will see my audiogram listed. Let me know if that arrangement didn’t work. I was going to add it as my sig, but figured that would take up a lot of unnecessary space on the board.



Neilk, posting your audiogram in your profile is a great idea. I will follow suit.



Have fit multiple Audeo Yes units. Excellent products and much better (bang for your buck) at the basic and midrange levels than the older Audeo line.




I am interested in comparing the Oticon Dual Connect and Streamer for bluetooth connectivity and the Phonak Audeo Yes with iCom. In particular the streamer vs the iCom devices.

I have used the Streamer but was told to consider the iCom; I was curious about the difference in the technologies being the Streamer is a single device that controls bluetooth, streaming, volume, programs and with the iCom you need a second device for controlling volume and programs.

Any thoughts you may have or help regarding the iCom would be appreciated.




I’ve used the iCom with the Exelia for over 6 months now. It’s a simple device, with just a big button on it. Some people compare it to the star trek communicator (just not as smart or cool looking :wink: ). It does the job for connecting to bluetooth devices, but that’s all it does. If you frequently change the volume or programs on your aids and you don’t want to do it on the aid (or can’t), then you need the myPilot. Which is just another thing to carry around. Since I can change those things on my aid, I don’t carry the myPilot much.



basically they do the same thing… some people like the sound of the audeo some the duals, you should try them both…



Personally, I love the iCom as it is smaller than a remote hanging around your neck. I haven’t experienced the Streamer, but have tried the Siemens Tek. The iCom is smaller and lighter, has a better set of mics, I don’t have to hold it in front of my mouth as I did with the Tek, when on a call. People tell me I’m perfectly clear, and I can hear then as clear as can be. It is all around much better than the Tek in feel and performance.



I am being fitted for one of these on Tueday. Will report back. Not sure which model yet but my Audiologist said they had a promo price from Phonak. I’ll be getting the iCom as well.



I will anxiously be looking forward to your impressions of them. I absolutely love mine.