Experience with customer service of Cochlear and AB

We are choosing between AB and Cochlear after my son’s internal AB failure and I see some complaints online that folks cannot receive their battery orders for more than a month with Cochlear. How was your experience with getting replacement part and placing orders with your CI company?

Our experience with AB was overall good. I had to replace both processors almost every year (they cannot survive summer heat and humidity I guess, but it always took no more than 3 days. Battery order that was partially paid by insurance took a while a few years ago, but last time was pretty fast. I was also ordering a few cables every 3-6 months and never had a problem with that. All parts are pretty unreliable, but they ship replacements overnight, so overall we never straggle with that.

Med-El is another good company, have you thought about that as well? (just a suggestion)

Thanks! The surgeon recommended to choose between AB or Cochlear because Med El has softer electrode array, which will be harder to insert during the re-implantation, that’s why we are not considering Med El

Over the past year I have ordered a few things through Cochlear. All orders arrived in 2-3 days, this is in the USA.
Cochlear customer service has been very good. They are very helpful and really try to do what they can to make you happy.

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I didn’t see that but I know research is key to knowing what you want!

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Not being American, but I’ve read that Cochlear America give a lot of “gifts” with the processor. You get to choose these gifts, eg TV connector, phone clip, mini mic 2, aqua kit etc. I think @Raudrive got 2 processors as well. Rick can you elaborate please.

Where we poor Aussie cousins get zip, nada absolutely nothing in our pack, other than bare essentials.


Just going from what I remember of @Raudrive 's stories, I think there was some hassle getting the correct processors.

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With Cochlear.

In the US we get 3 accessories when we order the processors. It might be 4, not sure without looking it up. We also get two processors for each implant so we have a backup processor.

I believe accessories can be returned within 3 months for credit if desired which I did do but should have for microphone covers that are expensive and not covered by insurance.


Cochlear was not at fault about my Kanso 2 and Nucleus 7 processors order mix up. This mix up was my surgeon and audiologist not asking for what I wanted. The surgeon actually does the ordering and gets information from the audiologist on what to order. My audiologist messed up color and which processors I wanted, twice. It was very frustrating.

But thanks to Cochlear, they were super helpful and corrected both mess ups from each surgery. Cochlear took everything back a few times getting the right color and right processors that I wanted.
Cochlear was absolutely great about all this.


I ordered replacement batteries from Cochlear and received them in 3 days. Service was excellent, no complaints. (Live in USA)


Thank you all for the feedack about Cochlear customer service, looks like there’s nothing to worry about with this!