Experience pairing Compilot with more than one TVlink?

I am thinking about hooking up a second TVLink for the TV in our living room. I already use TVlink with another TV and it is impractical to have to move it around. Has anyone tried to use 2 different TVLinks with the same Compilot? Any issues with the Compilot knowing which TVLink to listen to? Any thing I need to be aware of, before I make that investment? Thanks!

Pairing the ComPilot to multiple TVLink basestations is no problem. But I’m not sure if you can be connected to two basestations at the same time and toggle between them using the main button. The ComPilot can monitor two channels of A2DP so it should be possible.

As long as the second TV isn’t more than 30 meters from the other TV you can use just one TVLink and hear the audio in the other room as long as you are watching the same station. However, you might have trouble going between two different base stations without having to pair to each base station each time you use it. An easier solution might be to use a long patch cord and plug it into the audio out of your TV(if it has one) and plug the other end into the Compilot.

I don’t see why you couldn’t just turn off the first TV Link provided no one else is using it before heading to the second one. That’s what I would do If I had two units.

That was my thinking too. Just wanted to see if anyone had tried it or knew that it will not work for some reason. But based on Rasmus’ reply, it probably will and I’ll go ahead and set it up. Thanks!

I just recently purchased my second TVLink S from Costco ($84). And here is what I’m able to inform you on how to operate it when two TVLink’s are in close proximity of each other. Yes if you were to be listening to Base #1, then when you try to listen to Base #2, Base #1 will be what you will continue to hear. All you have to do is power off Base #1 and you would then be paired with Base #2 when it’s turned on.
That being said, one must realize that anytime that you have a streaming device actively paired to your ComPilot. Say a TVLink turned on, your ComPilot will automatically connect, and then you will only have only two selections available to you on the ComPilot. The main SoundFlow program, and the Streaming. All the other ‘optional’ programs will be cancelled out, until the streaming device is turned off. The streaming devises also include the RemoteMic, and any Bluetooth device like a cell phone.
Thinking about it now I am not certain if when you press the ‘Main’ button on the ComPilot to go from Streaming to HA, whether you go directly to the SoundFlow program, or to the last optional programs you were on. I’m sure someone will correct me on this, which is good. If so, thanks in advance. I will edit as soon as I test this last part out.

I currently have a ComPilot already paired to a TvLink2 base at one television and just purchased a 2nd TvLink to attach to my other tv. My question would be how you’d pair the compilot to the 2nd TvLink base station? Since your having to press the Compilot’s pairing button to pair it with the 2nd TvLink doesn’t that unpair the Compilot and the original TvLink base?

I guess time will tell when having that 2nd TvLink base on hand to find out the answer my self but if someone’s already done this I’d appreciate any responses

thought this out a bit in getting a 2nd TvLink2 base station to pair with the Compilot2. Logically shouldn’t be a problem cause it is able to pair with other devices without unpairing devices already paired.

Anyone know if I’ll be able to link 1 x ComPilot to 2 x TV Link II?

I want a TV Link attached to my radio as well as my TV.