Exercises to help with speech recognition

Does anyone know of exercises I can do to increase my speech recognition? My word recognition is R- 24% @ 90 dBHL & L - 8% @ 95 dBHL. I listen to songs that I know the words to, but wondering if there is a program for hearing impaired. Thanks.

I listen to audiobooks as I read along using kindle app on the iPhone or iPad


Let me be blunt, from my experience, to really improve speech recognition, you need to have a CI (Cochlear Implant)


Not everyone needs or meet the requirements to get a CI.


I should elaborate further, I used to get 10% speech recognition in the ear to be implanted, now i am getting 70% - 80% speech recognition with a Cochlear Implant…

I tried everything, even new hearing aid wuth Speech rescue freq shifting tech, listening to youtube videos, etc etc for like a few years and it didn’t work well…

I suggest you to go get a CI evaluation at a CI Clinic and see what they say…


@ssa I go to the VA clinic my audiologist is a CI audiologist, I have been given the whole spill on the CI and have been told I am on the edge of needing it. As a person that has never been in a hospital, never even had a surgery of any kind, and not wanting to have to travel 500 miles from home for the surgery. I have said I want to wear aids as long as I possibly can. I am very honest with my audiologist, and ENT about my experiences with my hearing loss, I have finally became honest about my sometimes depression with not always understanding what is being said. I have had to come to grips with myself that I cannot understand people that have what I call machine gun talking speed. And I have accepted the fact I can’t hear over a landline phone. I am doing my best to talk my wife into giving up the landline we have in the house. I no longer give out that number to anyone, just my cellular phone number. I have an appointment this Wednesday with my audiologist to get my aids firmware updated, and the receptionist told me to expect much longer appointment time due my audiologist wanting to talk to me. My expectations is he is going to bring up the surgery again after my last hearing test.


Part of the reason I got checked out medically last month was because I was concerned about my word recognition scores. The otologist required a hearing test from their audiologist first. That very careful test showed an increase of about 30%. The otologist examined me, looked at the test results, and thought well adjusted hearing aids would cover my loss. Next week I have a follow up appointment with that audiologist.

Perhaps a hearing test from a different professional would produce different results.


In my case, it not even a hospital, it is an outpatient surgical center, they installed it and i went home the same day, ( was 3 hours)…

He is doing his job, keep an open mind and hear what he has to say and he is going to give you his recommendation. Ask him what the average vet implanted with CI gets speech recognition score.

In my case (and I am not a vet), i was told, 80% and he was right on the money. I joked with my current CI audiologist (i moved), Can I get a CI for my HA ear? she said, no because testing showed I am performing on par with my CI ear.


Was it the 4 people (2 male & 2 female) sentence test? if not, they aren’t doing their job.

This test is hard and improbable to predict what they are going to say…


I was recommended to get an evaluation. My OPNs1 is “as good as can be.” Was hoping to upgrade to the More technology to see if it helps before making that leap.

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Hmm, mind showing us your audiogram? You should be getting the Oticon Xceed or the Phonak Nadia.


I only remember male with the other ear masked with white noise.

Wrong test. You need to get this done at a CI clinic

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The otologist I saw also performs CI surgery. Perhaps he would have asked for a different test if he thought I could be a CI candidate.

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Sadly, from what I’ve read, fine pitch recognition is not available with the current implants.

As a musician, I have bad speech recognition, but I still have good pitch recognition.

The voice and saxophone can not be played in tune unless you can match pitch within a few cycles per second for shorter notes, or spot on for longer notes.

But, technology marches on, sooner or later they will get better.


I don’t think it will get any better because of physics of electricity :frowning:

This is from awhile back. The VA test done in 2022 was worse but I’ve not been given a copy yet

You definitely need a more powerful aid than More if your hearing have gotten worst…

What aid should I ask my audiologist about?

These ones, Depending on the hearing loss, UP or SP will work for you