Exercise/Sports with Hearing Loss

For an article on Hearing Tracker’s website, I would love to hear how your hearing loss affected your ability to play sports/exercise and what are some ways you worked around it. You can comment below (with your name) or email me at juliametraux@gmail.com. Thank you!

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I love running and used to have creaky headphones connected to my phone over my hearing aids. I upgraded to the Widex 440 Custom Evokes with the COM-DEX for streaming, and now music sounds amazing and the streaming direct means no creaking noises, just pure music without any connection issues. It’s really easy to mute with the side button on the COM-DEX (for when away from traffic and listening without hearing background noises) and then un mute when back to traffic areas. Also if I get a phone call I can keep running and take it direct through the COM-DEX without having to get my phone out. My runs got longer and longer and I have had more physio lately as I became a bit like Forest Gump at one point with all the music to listen to (love hearing all the new lyrics too)-it’s a very happy story from me, and so grateful to be able to access this level of technology.

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Always I have been going to gym, using different headset, last four years taking off haids and putting on headset I always complain about loud music at the gym. Last 6 months I’m not removing my haids anymore.

Costco Resound custom molds, music at the gym, it doesn’t bother me anymore, apple music playing like being in paradise sweating complacently.

The only thing I’m going to change is the color of my concha custom mold, currently transparent but I want them any dark color.