Excellent Article on Cochlear Implants by Rush Limbaugh

I ran across this article by Rush Limbaugh. He has a cochlear implant in his left ear. It is a good description of a real world experience.


Rush Limbaugh’s Cochlear Experience

Boy you read that article and what Mr Limbaugh is experiencing doesn’t seem all that much different than what I am currently experiencing with my two hearing aids and my profound loss. I realize everyone is different and Mr Limbaugh admits that himself but to go through the surgery and the programing process to end up right where I started makes me wonder if it’s really worth it.

Hask, those were my feelings exactly. Rush nailed what I have been going through for the past two years, without a CI.:confused:

I really respect Rush and his very candid statements about his hearing loss and what he has gone through. He has more money than all of us put together in this forum and yet with all his money, still our same issues persist.

Very interesting statement from a very articulate person, especially to a person (me) who is considering getting a CI. Makes me wonder…

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I have to admit I have several mixed feelings after reading the article. I love to hear any sounds. Its like the world around me is still alive. I love music so for me it was a matter of hearing my environment living silent. I love lofe so I chose to get cochlear in my right ear. The ppl I spoke with said they would do it all over again if given the choice :slight_smile: I’m nervous but I get my processor turned on next week! I would be so excited to hear the birds! LOL


That is like rush though, just blunt and outspoken. :slight_smile: good article.

I liked this article. But I don’t know what to think after reading it. Thank god I don’t need implants so i don’t have to make a decision on this but all I’m hearing about this subject is mixed feelings.

I am getting stem cells in a few years and they are way better than CI. I only need to improve to 80db then i’d hear at 20db or better with HAs.

nice post…