Ever get in the shower with your hearing aids in?


Almost happened to me today. Caught it just before I stuck my head under the water.

How sensitive are they to water? I guess it would depend on how wet they get?


Depending on the IP rating. With IP 68, an occasional first splash before you realize you still have it on may be OK. Although they don’t want you to take a shower with it.


My specialist at Costco said that I should definitely remove the batteries because of a concern that they could rust. Not sure, but for the few cents wasted, it’d be worth it to me.


Never heard of the IP rating but I dug around and my Resound’s are IP 57. They say a dump in the tub shouldn’t hurt them but don’t do it often.

Many thanks!


Yeah that’s a good idea. Thanks!


Tom, I have a story for you. Around 15 years we were at a campground with 2 of our grand kids. Our grand daughter who was around 10 at that time just started to wear HA. We went to the pool for a swim and our 2 grands ran down and jumped into the pool. When she came to the surface her eyes were as big as a dinner plate and yelled Pops I have my HA’s on. I took them from her and went back to our camper,removed the battery, blew as much of the water out and put them into my HA pellet drier. The next day I put new battery’s in and her HA’s worked like new. As far as I know this was before the IP ratings. Her mother did have her Audi check them out as I asked. She had no trouble at all with them and wore them for the next 8 years or so.


Good story and a new use for your pellet drier. I had to Google that.

edit: Think I’ll buy one for my bathroom.


Okay, I’ll bite. What’s a pellet drier?


Probably the most thorough answer to what a pellet dryer is would be to watch this video:


A couple times, and it was awful. Thankfully it did not damage them. Now I make a very conscious effort to be sure I’ve taken them off before dunking my head under the water. I’ve had a few close calls. I guess I’m a little absent minded!


Yeah me too now. I’ve also asked my wife to remind me when I head for the shower.


Thanks, very informative. I Googled “pellet drier” and got info about wood chip dryers. Obviously not too practical.


Tom, I googled hearing aid pellet drier. This is what you are looking for


At first I though, aah, do I realy want to watch a 12 minute video? But I did and it was worth it, especially the last couple minutes talking about rechargables.

A couple years after getting my Rextons, one "on"switch quit working. Costco fixed it and told me it had moisture damage. I was baffled, because I had no knowledge of them getting wet. But…the tray drier I got with them was still in it’s original packaging. I started using it.

During the next 7 years, they were hit full on in the shower and took direct hits from big rain. Never a problem

After the shower incident I used a hair drier, on low from a foot away, put the aids in a small bag with the beads and then the tray overniht. Maybe overkill but I wasn’t willing to gaamble.

Tom, I doubt you wil get much mileage out of beads/pellets kept in the bathroom.


They are rechargeable. I prefer the plastic case ones. Recharge in the microwave or oven.


Thanks, Bob, I think I’ll buy it.


I was thinking more about the high humidity of the bathroom and at the very time he needs them they are waterlogged so he would need to do the rechrge before using.


Tom, Keep the dryer on your dresser in your bedroom. Every night put your HA’s in the jar. By morning any moisture will be gone. I have worn HA’s for 60 years, have worked in a lot of wet conditions. I have never lost my HA’s to moisture doing it this way. Good luck.


I went to Costco today and bought the Perfectdry Lux. It’s on the night stand doing its thing as we speak.

Thanks for the help all.


Maybe some day they’ll have HAs that you can program to the actual sound of your shower, and if the HAs hear the sound of your shower getting louder as you approach the shower, some kind of sarcastic message will sound about what an idiot you’re about to be if you don’t take the HAs off! Just kidding.