Evaluation Process for CIs - Your experience?

It sounds like everything is going very smoothly for you now Raudrive, which is fantastic news. You are very lucky to be able to have the Kanso2. I wanted the Kanso but it didn’t have Bluetooth. So I had to go with the other option to be able to have bimodal hearing.

I wish all the very best for 1/10 and a very successful hearing journey.


You and the others here have been a blessing for me.
The Cochlear representative who is helping me is always asking to help me or get me in touch with other CI volunteers. I have to tell her I am just fine but thanks. The forum members are all the support I need at this time.


Hope all goes well with surgery and activation.


@Raudrive Never hurts to get a second opinion from a user.

I have an appointment at the end of the month to continue the process now for my left ear. I’ve already qualified so this is just kicking off scheduling and what not. Also, had a mapping session this morning and that was fine; we created a secondary map with bumped up higher frequencies to potentially compensate for masks a little. I’m to play around with that so we’ll see how that goes. I also still have two remaining progressively louder maps just in case, since my next appointment barring my left ear appointments won’t be until mid-December.

It sure sounds like you are doing well. Thanks for giving us an update.

I just got home from the doctors office getting pre-op stuff done. After the physical, EKG, blood work, CT scan, shots and Covid-19 test I am kicking myself for not standing my ground with the surgeon about getting both implants done at once. Knowing I will have to do all these things again. I wonder if it’s just to milk the system more at my expense?

I admit I don’t quite understand it either. Yes, I have a job, so it would’ve been inconvenient for (at least) those three weeks prior to activation. But let’s face facts here: I’m not doing that well with hearing aids; that’s why I’m a CI candidate in the first place. So, if you do both, and one or both don’t work out, or you don’t benefit, is it really THAT big a deal? They say yes. My research though, there’s relatively few cases where they didn’t work out, or discovered something during surgery that made it a no go.

But at the same time, I know I’m a weirdo because I’m sitting here on a conference call with technical jargon streaming direct to my CI only and I’m doing pretty well with it. This is from everyone I have spoken to beyond expectation for only two months in.

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I think the reasons are complex for not getting both implants at once. It’s absolutely doable and there was a study done quite a few years ago that showed it was a viable approach. In general, there’s a tendency to avoid doing bilateral surgeries of anything. There’s a chance if something goes wrong, it could affect both sides. Recovery is usually longer and more challenging, but it basically comes down to inertia, meaning they do it that way because that’s the way they’ve always done it. I don’t think money factors in consciously, but I do think the incentives are wrong.

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Have fun tomorrow @Raudrive
Let it be smooth journey!


Good luck @Raudrive I’m sure everything will go nicely.


@raudrive Good luck today Rick

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Best Wishes Rau,you got this!!!

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The results from the Covid test came back negative so surgery is a GO for tomorrow at 1pm, October 1st. Looking forward to the very hopeful better hearing.

The process from evaluation to surgery is a journey in itself!


Yes indeed, it certainly is. One foot in front of the other and you’ll get there.

@Raudrive I’ve just caught up with this, all the very best for you op. It’s the 1st here today so it must be tomorrow, I will be thinking of you. :four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:

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Thank you for your thoughts. My wife and I will be leaving for the surgery in about an hour or so. The 1pm surgery time is really nice for our situation.
Won’t be long now!


The CI implant surgery went well yesterday.
Did have more pain than expected afterwards. Pain pills and then eating some soup when I got home fixed this pain issue all up.
Today I get the padded bowl off my ear so that will be much better too.


Hey @Raudrive congrats! Any dizziness?

Not much dizziness and no nausea at this time. The dizziness could be from the pain pill.

I learned something yesterday about getting the second implant. All the pre-op things we had to do won’t be needed for the second implant. By signing a paper that nothing has changed it allows you to move on for the second surgery without some of the earlier procedures.

I liked that!


Yep, assuming you qualified in both ears to start. I bet though that if there’s a long enough lag, some doctors would want to see a new MRI and/or CT to ensure nothing you’d not be aware of directly hasn’t changed as well.

You are probably right.

An example was the EKG. I had one about 2 months earlier, still had to re-do it. Something about 30 days max.

The CT was listed as the right side. Even thought the entire area was scanned only the right side was reported on.

Are you having to do everything again?