Eustachian Tube Dysfunction

It is driving me crazy ! I can’t pop my ears, yawn, chew gum, nothing.

How do you deal with it?

do you have your aids cranked up, so when you need more volume you have it?

have you found any meds that help?

I am currently taking Allegra D and Mucinex D. doing a sinus rinse,

It does seem to help, but there are still bad days when everything is just stuffed sounding.

Several years ago my ENT referred me to an allergist. Regular injections, Nasonex and Claritin daily, and things improved for me.

Debi, is it seasonal for you, or is this the first time it’s been this bad? How long have you been having the bad days?

Have you been checked by an MD, particularly for a sinus infection?

Sounds like you’ve been trying to do Valsalva maneuvers (holding the nostrils while forcibly exhaling to the nostrils). That can help, but it can also aggravate it. Might be best to lay off those for a time.

What kind of aids do you have… and if applicable, closed or open domes?

It used to just be seasonal allergies, or with a really bad cold. But just this past summer it came on and stayed.
I do have chronic sinusitis, I’ve had allergy testing, done all the nasal sprays, and OTC meds. My ear doc said we could do tubes,but not like he really thought it would do any good. I am currently trialing new aids. My old ones were Phonak in the ear. My current trial is ITC, but I don’t like them. My next trial starts Monday, Oticons RITE, thats about all I know about them.

Yeah, I did quit trying to pop my ears awhile ago. I don’t get “pops” anyway.

It’s just aggravating, on top of my “normal” (ha ha) hearing loss !

If this just an occasional issue, consider Loratadine tablets (non-drowsy). One 10mg tablet/day should help.