Eustachia: device for opening eustachian tubes


My earlier post on eustachian tube issues got 0 responses, so I guess this is not a popular subject. I’m sort of amazed because I assumed that others would have this issue here. Anyway, I read about this device and got it for $60.00 at Target. It really pops the tubes, more than the valsalva maneuver. But it hasn’t improved my issue of having fluid backed up behind my ear drums. I thought that I’d mention it however to see if anyone else had any experience with the device. My ent specialist replied to my e mail and said she wasn’t aware of it “but it should be safe”. I’m still not certain about that.





Could not find your other post. Valsalva maneuever is just bearing down and I would not expect it to do anything to equalize air pressure in your ears. I’m guessing you’re referring to holding both nostrils shut and blowing gently? Found device from Target online. Interesting. It’s basically doing something very similar to the nose holding thing. I don’t think it would do any harm if used as directed as I doubt it could generate very high pressures. Fluid is a whole other issue and equalizing the air pressure is not going to make the fluid go away. Antihistamines and or decongestants might help, but best consult with physician to determine WHY you have fluid there.



Oh yeah I forgot to mention that I can’t take antihistamines, which by far would be the best approach. Even that would likely take a week to work, but that would be fine! Otherwise I do all the possible options. Interestingly, a neti pot gives very mixed results and I’ve finally stopped it entirely; turns out it’s possible for some people to introduce water into their eustachian tubes with this, which seems counter productive.

I was hoping to open the eustachian tubes with this device, so the fluid could drain. I’ve had this condition before, and it’s always taken a few months (!!!) to resolve. Highly, highly frustrating since I play classical guitar and distorts what I hear. Otherwise, not that bad.

yes, I have the name of the maneuver wrong!



The only way they will drain that I’m aware of is with tubes placed in the eardrum by an ENT. Been there, done that, got it under control with several years of allergy injections, daily Nasonex or Flonase, and daily Claritin, Allegra or Zirtec.



I am definitely interested in eustachian-tube issues. I was told as a child by my family doc that I have narrow eustachian tubes. I was very prone to ear infections and blocked tubes as a child - nearly every year from age 4 till 14! The pain was mind-blowing. Since then, I’ve never had another ear infection, but have definitely felt that my tubes are still narrow.

When I use a Neil-Med sinus clearing bottle (hang head sideways, squeeze the bottle with salt solution up the nose-cone), I always experience about 5 min of “cleared ears”. I also noticed that they would clear easier when I took a Sudafed (which I only did recovering from tooth extraction).

HOW I WISH I could have my tubes measured for width and see if there is any device to keep them OPEN. I’ve known of folks who get a tube placed in their eustachian tubes, but also that procedure may increase the risk of infection, which would require the tubes being removed. I actually think I hear about 5% better with my tubes cleared. I guess my dilemma is that if I used the device from Target, it would last for a few minutes. What I need is permanent clearing of those tubes FOREVER.

Has any adult on this board gone the route of having tubes placed there? In addition, I have nerve-related deafness, so I don’t want to go messing with Murphy’s Law here …



Eustachia “suggests” that using their device twice daily will “exercise” the eustachian tubes and help keep them open. this sounds like a lot of hooey. However, I’m going to use it over time to see if it makes a difference.

My ENT doctor is sympathetic but has made no mention of possible surgery or cure. Sudafed or chlor-trimotron is a good bet, but I don’t know about long term use. My eustachian tubes are whack and have been all my life. My millions of early life ear infections were probably abetted or caused by this.

It may be that my doctor thinks the risks of surgery outweigh the possible benefits. That, or the bean counters at Kaiser discourage surgeries for such ‘minor’ matters. (For example, Kaiser doesn’t cover a penny for hearing aids–it categorizes them as ‘cosmetic’.)

Oh and if you get Eustachia, make sure that you seal your nostrils well and, most importantly, make the swallowing motion with your throat, which creates a vacuum.



^^^^ Totally empathize with and relate to your situation. Bean counters have not walked the walk, but they count the beans and keep possible solutions at bay.

If you say that this device purportedly exercises the eustachian tubes, well, why don’t I just plug my nose, swallow and clear my ears several times a day? On the other hand, could stretching our eustachian tubes with this kind of maneuver make the tissue softer and baggier and more prone to closing in on itself, causing more problems?

An analogy would be to use duct tape for a home-made “facelift” every day. With repeatedly pulling the skin back wouldn’t it actually stretch it out MORE over time? Thoughts?

If they can put a stent in an artery to hold it open, how come they can’t put one in the eustachian tubes to keep them OPEN, come to think of it.



“If they can put a stent in an artery to hold it open, how come they can’t put one in the eustachian tubes to keep them OPEN, come to think of it.”

that’s been my thought exactly. It may be hard to reach eustachian tubes though.



A quick google search reveals that they are experimenting with stents in the eustachian tube.They’re also experimenting with dilating the eustachian tube. Here’s a good, albeit long article on it and some generic discussion of treating eustachain tube dysfunction. As far as I know, it’s still experimental. If this is really a life altering conditiong, consider trying to enter a clinical trial. Follow up with your ENT. Have they documented fluid behind the eardrum? Have you ever had tubes placed through your eardrum? If you’re not happy with what your ENT tells you, ask for a second opinion. By the way, dilating or putting a stent into the eustachian tube is not a risk free procedure. It’s right next to the carotid artery and a ruptured carotid artery would be catastrophic.



mdb, that article on dilating the ET’s is interesting. It mentioned the formation of cholesteotoma (sp.) as a consequence of ET dysfunction. Check that, in my case. I had the hammer, anvil and stirrup replaced in both ears because colesteotoma destroyed them. The replacement was a new technique back then, so I dodged deafness–barely.

The Eustachia is a poor attempt at dilating the ETs, I think–but it’s all I’ve got. I do worry about pressure effecting my middle ears, but again my ENT doesn’t think this is an issue. Still, I’m treading carefully.



A stent in an artery has blood pumping through it and the person usually takes an agent to reduce the risk of clotting to prevent blockage. It is a very different situation.



^^^ OK, got it!

It looks like there may be some research on other options used to open the e-tubes, and keep them open (per posts on previous page). I’m guessing this would be a question for an ENT specialist? Hope springs eternal!



Thanks for sharing that link! I will take time to read the article and try to gain a better understanding of the e-tube condition. It’s incredible that this research was published in 2016, and that the surgical techniques used (3mm balloon vs 7mm balloon) vary so much. Still, about 1 in 3 who got the procedure seemed to benefit … It seems that the balloon technique may be a better option than tube placement in the e-tubes, as the latter involves likely multiple replacements, with all the risks that come with that.



OK: GOOD NEWS! Somehow, I’d read about a super expensive device to clear the Eustachian tubes - not sure where, but it was recently. The device, Eustachi Gear, sends a 5psi blast up the nose-cone. Folks prone to clogged E-tubes or even pilots will sometimes use the device during flights even.

Since my own shriveled E-tubes are clogged nearly 100% of the time, I was desperate to give something new a try. After typical nasal rinses, my nose sometimes feels stuffy and my ears may clear for a brief nano-second. Definitely not a solution.

I was searching at, and stumbled across Pressureze Nasal Spray. I figured, “What have I got to lose?” So I got a bottle, and just tried it out. I took 3 deep inhales with each nostril while squirting the spray up each side. VOILA!!! I am not kidding when I say that within seconds, both nostrils cleared out like I’d used a steroid spray.

Even better, within a couple minutes, I plugged my nose, exhaled lightly, and both E-tubes CLEARED! I’m sitting here pecking this out about a half hour later, both tubes still WIDE open. If you have clogged E-tubes like me, you’ll know that you can actually hear a noticeable percentage better with OPEN tubes! This spray is like a miracle.

It comes in a small bottle that would fit in a purse, travel kit - even a pocket! I will definitely be using this throughout the day as needed. I feel like a huge cloud has been lifted - maybe temporarily - but so noticeably.

There are no drugs in the spray - it says it’s just a special combination of salts, so I don’t think it would cause any allergic reactions. The sensation in my nostrils right after the spritzing was almost like a peppermint clarity? There is a tiny bit of post-nasal drip, too, so, um, do the needful with that.

Highly recommend this low-cost solution for plugged E-tubes! :smile:

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I blow my nose as my allergist told me and I’m up 5 to 10 declibles at least. I’m on a prescribed steroidal antihistamine now. Open to any solution.



^^^ Not sure if your condition would be better OFF steroidal antihistamine, but I swear - I gave 3 blasts up each nose cone yesterday morning, and they are both clear as a bell today. Right ear clears A-OK - left one really needs more blasting, but with my nose so clear … I drag my feet.

This spray is AMAZING for me so far tho. I’m getting one for my mom, too, as she has the same condition as me. NO DRUGS in this solution, either.