Euro plug dai patch cord

anyone have a good source? my are 3 or 4 yrs old and getting a little stiff. and the jack is way to heavy for what i plug it into (mp3 play). I can’t find the website where i bought these and can’t find a website even listing these dai patch cords. any suggestions or links would be greatly appreciated.

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Those DAI patch cords are hard to find…wish I had any left, but I don’t anymore.

I would try any site that sells accessories for cochlear implants and they usually will have them.

ok thanks. the few I’ve found are exorbitantly priced, $50 for 20 inches of wire with a connector on each end :eek:

I’m hoping to find just the connectors and wire up my own:cool:

Hey Admin,
I’ve just PMed diggerdave, inquiring about his success (ya, this thread is old, but email notifications FTW).

Any chance you could look into where tinkerers such as I could get the Europlug connectors from, without wires?

And too, why are they called Europlugs?.. Going by wiki, that’s the proper term for European power plugs…

At some point in the future, I’ll make a thread here about the bluetooth headphones I hacked to work with my headphones via short DAI cables…


One of the largest sellers of cables and connectors in the USA is L-com Connectivity Products at .

They sell everything at way below normal retail and publish an excellent catalog. Don’t know if they have the specific cable you are talking about but certainly would suggest you contact them. Ed