I just came home from my first evening meeting with my new aids.
Unbelievably fantastic !!
I sat there in the meeting and understood every conversation from every direction even across the room…this situation was totally impossible for me.
I would be lucky to catch 50% of what was going on and certainly would understand zero from across the room.
I have had them in for two days in the office with reasonable results but nothing special to write home about. Tonight was a very different story.
The real test comes tomorrow morning when I make my monthly report to the legislative committee I report to. Large room with tables in a big square with about 20 people sitting around the out side of the square…questions and comments can come from any direction at any time. If tomorrow goes anywhere close to how well it went tonight the whole experience has paid for itself. I’ll never doubt or turn back. Sure I’ve been keeping a journal of performance so when my audiologist returns from NC conference there will be a list of things that can be changed or improved but that is all small stuff.
The big stuff is working well.

I’ll keep you all posted…what an adventure to hear something again.

Glad to hear of your success. If we might ask, what hearing aid are you using?

Siemens Artis 2P BTE

Selected because my right ear is pretty flat 55 to 65 across the frequency spectrum. Audiologist felt this was a good choice should I need more power in the coming months or year. Didn’t want to end up out of range of the instrument in a short time period.

Left ear is more typical (and was the ear doing all the work)
30 to 70 high frequency loss slope.

Yes, I had full diagnositic evaluation and testing including an MRI to insure that their no medical issues involved with my hearing deterioration. I suspect that I have had poor hearing in my right ear since I was a child and that my left ear was taking up the slack. The right ear situation was first observed as I went through medical evaluation as I was leaving the Army. Spent a number of years with tank units. We fired our weapons continuously which probably just added to all the childhood ear problems. All water over the dam so to speak.

Time to deal with today. Thanks for asking - Peter

Wow, that’s great news.

I am glad things are going well with your new hearing aids! I hope you continue to see improvment in your everyday life in the future!:slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing in your good news! Love to hear success stories!