Essential Tremor and Sensineural Hearing Loss -- A Connection?


I’ve read that 3% of the population suffers from essential tremor, but about 30 % of hearing loss people suffer from it. Some researchers think that the two diseases may use the same brain neural pathways. Also, I’ve learned that caffeine which aggravates essential tremor symptoms also has an effect on hearing loss caused by loud sounds (TTS). It seems that if a person returning from a loud concert the night before has a good dose of coffee the next morning, that the hearing will not return to normal but will result in a permanent hearing disability. So now I am wondering if aggravating my essential tremor with coffee or chocolate ,or some other substance may have an effect on my hearing loss in general, even though I didn’t go to a concert, Some researchers think that sensineural hearing loss and essential tremor may be part of a same disease. Opinions?