Error Codes?

Hi All:
New guy on the forum: Charles… 74 years old, still work full time as a
Warranty Administrator for a new car dealership in Va. Beach, Va. Retired
Navy Radioman (now you know where the hearing went !)

I have the Optocon Delta 6 (behind the ear) units. My question… do these
units have a beep error code ? Sometimes after putting them on I will get
two beeps, followed by four beeps. I know a continous two beeps is your
battery has died. If anyone knows, I would appreciate an email.

Thanks… Charles

no, no error beeps just the batery alarm beep

Then what’s with the two beeps, followed by four beeps ? It happens
too often to be my imagination. BTW, I have an email enroute to Otpicon.
There has to be a reason !


Are you talking about the start-up beeps? There is a little melody that plays every time you close the battery doors which indicates the aids are going through their self-diagnostic program and is normal.

If the beeps are occuring outside of when you have just closed the battery door, there might be intermittent battery contact so that the aids are going through the start-up mode when they really shouldn’t be.

Oticon does not have a self diagnostics program- I never heard of this…
have you?