Erratic bluetooth functionality resound linx

I am using resound linx with iPhone 7. When using bluetooth to listen to music or podcasts, books, etc one hearing aid or the other will cut out…on and off. Driving me crazy. Audiologist installed firmware update but it did not help. Next step?

I’ve encountered a couple of instances of this with my ReSound Forte 8s (Costco) and my iPhone6S. In both cases, if I recall correctly, I had rotated the phone for easier viewing. I can’t imagine why, but this seemed to have disturbed the Bluetooth signal.

App running in background affect aspecially resound 3d app and triple click menu. I have Siemens but sometime it happen when my control and triple click menu running

I just posted the same question before I saw yours. I have the same problem with resound 3D. Voice will transfer from. One ear to another. Very seldom do I hear the voice on my iPhone in both ears at the same time. Sometimes it also happens with it streaming. Is this something that any Audi can address?

I consulted audi and he ran the firmware update to no avail…It’s good to hear that others are experiencing the same problem so perhaps Resound can take notice and pursue a solution.

YE GODS. I am going in to see my aud-guy for this exact same prob this Friday. Likely he will check for a firmware upgrade … but! It could be that some other issue is involved.

I am running tests tonight, cuz I’m trying to figure out my streaming cut-out prob is due to cable, aids, bluetooth, TV streamer device or some combination. So far, my streamer device has been ruled out … However, there is a Mac backup drive with bluetooth on it, as well as two remote-controlled devices that run on Bluetooth. I’d never had the cut-out probs till about a week ago, tho.

I’m not sure if there is interference from another device with bluetooth, cuz I thought these aids only streamed with something they have been PAIRED with.

Thank you for sharing your experience with erratic Bluetooth functionality. I would appreciate an update after you visit your audiologist. It would be nice to have a solution.

^^^ Two more days of tests as I’m in countdown mode for my Friday afternoon appointment. NOT ONE THING has resolved the odd cutting out when streaming via the TV streaming unit at night. Once again, last night, I had lots of breakup during an AmazonPrime video on my Samsung TV that’s hooked up to the TV streamer.

Right after that show, I sat at my laptop and watched another AmazonPrime video with ZERO breaking up at my laptop. It’s just a total puzzle why the audio breaks up on my TV but not on my laptop - no matter what combo of streaming unit/cables are used.

Perhaps I’m destined to watching videos on my laptop ONLY going forward? I’m still going to pursue this mystery with my aud-guy on Friday. I’m hoping it’s just a simple firmware update or even repair on the aids. I’ve only had them a year.

WELL! I just returned from my app’t with my aud-guy this afternoon, and indeed, he no sooner called up my program when the screen alert came on: Firmware update needed NOW!

So, let’s hope this update resolves the odd issues I’ve been having the past few weeks with streaming phone calls and using my TV streamer.

Question: would it be rocket science for either my aud-guy or ME to have our email addy on file with Phonak so they could notify one of us about firmware updates?!?!?!? After all, they must have a record of my aids’ serial numbers, right?

Instead, I go for weeks with quirky oddities that completely stress me out, wondering if my aids are failing after a year’s use. Only when I take the proactive step of setting up an app’t with my aud-guy can I even get a basic issue addressed like firmware update.

How do you spell D O H? Exactly. Like that.

Similar problem. Freeway driving - wife wearing remote Mike- having clear conversion- no physical motion/contact with accessories - HA go mute for several seconds- then return. Can’t relate occurance to traffic, overhead structures or anything else. Any ideas or suggestions?


BTW, ReSound Linx2 & their remote mike. for previous post.