Eposodic volumn increases and decreases

I’m new to hearing aids and this forum. Sorry if my question has been covered before, but I couldn’t find it.

Problem: Every twenty minutes or so, the sound drops off in my widex inteo-type aid. then somewhere between a matter of seconds or minutes, it returns. It happens whether I have just replaced the batteries or not. Is this normal? Any explanation? Any fixes?

Does this happen anywhere or only in particular environments? What are you doing usually when this happens, sitting quietly, watching Tv, Driving the car etc? Has this happened before or is it a recent occurance?

I had heard this complain from a delta,
never an inteo

It happens during conversations, while watching tv, typing on my computer. I think pretty much any time.

Is this a new phenomena or did it start recently? It could be the noise manager if it has been there all the time. If so the audi may need to adjust the type of noise management or give you a manual program with the noise management off (such as the Music program) to troubleshoot the issue. If it only recently started happening it might be a hardware issue, that could require servicing by Widex.