Epoq vs Siemens

I’ve had Siemens hearing aids for a number of years now but cannot say that I’ve adjusted at all well to them. They are “musics” and are in the ear type. My biggest complaint is that my own voice and the sounds of eating are amplified to an extent that I find extremely annoying. In noisy environments, my ability to understand individuals seems decreased by the aids. I find that I now hardly ever wear them anymore. Yet, I know I need help with my hearing. My high frequency loss is substantial.

I’m considering a switch to the Oticon Epoq. Being a geek by nature, these particular aids have an inherent attraction. However, my current hearing aid support person is very much anti-oticon and pro-siemens. I like this woman but am really thinking she is far too wedded to the siemens brand. OTOH… this forum might provide some clarity on this decision.

I do have some questions. Does the epoq have volume control? My very first aids did not and I found this frustrating.

I find the in the ear aids are constantly sliding out of my ear canal. I also don’t like the stuffed up feeling that they give me. The BTE design is attractive to me but I’m wondering how well it stays on/in the ear and if wearing glasses is a problem at all.

Thanks, Lee

you can get the epoq with volume control…
epoq are top of the line instruments expect all the refinements…

if you get the epoq xw, there is a my voice feature which helps to refine NR

Seimens Centra SP has volume control as well…they have programs that u can change individually by pitch, compression and frequences as well with universal, noise reduction and tv/music if thats something you want to think about.

Oticon do not have a super power version that is wireless,
so in that respect Centra SP is better,
i would suspect it will come in 1 year

What do you mean by “super power” version.

Does the centra communicated between the units to improve sound focus? Is the centra a BTE style?

How do people feel wrt BTE versus in the ear styles?

Does the centra recognize and cancel one’s own voice?


Super Power basically means alot more power than hearings aids that already has high power. Its specifically focused on high gain/power and it has many aspects of the programs that you can alter and change.

I’m actually wearing Centra SP and it’s BTE style. It has other styles that you can order it in as well if you don’t wear BTE.

The hearings “communicate” with each other when you change programs, the other hearing aids will as well. It also does the same for volume. However, you can change that as well. I set mine to where I change programs, it will tell the other aid to do so as well but for when I change volumes, I decided not to have the option of them communication each other so that I can change the volume individually.

The voice programs is altered in serveral ways. It has a tutorial where if you wanted to hear other people’s voices better but not yours, it tells you what to do when adjusting the programs the day you get the hearing aids. It also does the same for if you want to hear your own better. It comes with 3 programs, any 3 programs you want to add to the hearing aids. For example, the 3 i chose is Universal (for everyday things), noisy environment (for background reduction so that you can hear the people you are talking with better), and for tv/music (is louder and higher power when watching tv or listening music, only if you want to)

I was using phonak for a LONG time, and switched to seimens because someone recommended the Centra to me and told me it’s very high in power. I’m glad I did this, it is absolutely amazing. if you look at the other thread in this forum that says Centra SP, i explain what were my improvements.

Any other questions, feel free to ask!

the epoq own voice is not design to cancel your own voice, you see
unlike siemens or phonak (acoustic scene), oticon has the comp filos that the best way is through artf. inteligence (parallel procesing)… so oticon epoqs comunicates and decide the combination that picks the highest signal to noise ratio. the problem when you speak is the instrument interprets your voice as the signal of interest (when it should not be),…
therefore my voice helps to refine their AI algorithm…

Im not sugesting either phonak nor siemens approch are wrong. it is just a matter of comp filosophy…

i would pick phonak over siemens any day…- personal preference

I couldn’t tell you my personal preference…I used phonak most of my life and I was happy with them, I’m just not too happy with the new models they have out, it’s too much “technology” rather than quality of sound in my oppinion thats why Im very happy with seimens right now.

I fully agree what works for your ear is what matter…

The Epoq doesn’t really “cancel” out the sound of your own voice, but it tries not to amplify it.

Because of the wireless communication between the two hearing aids, they can theoretically determine the distance of the sound source. The “my voice” feature tells the hearing aids to not amplify anything within 6 inches (or some similar distance, not exactly sure) of the microphone.

I do not have hearing loss, but I do often wear demos around to see how they sound. By far, the Epoq’s make my voice the most natural of any I’ve tried, including many other open fit BTE’s.

I haven’t been a big Oticon dispenser for a long time, but the Epoq is really a terrific hearing aid. The streamer capabilities are amazing. I’m almost tempted to buy myself a pair just because it makes listening to cell phones, Ipods, even my Nindendo handheld game so much more convenient. I can’t justify the cost with my normal hearing, but if I had even an ounce of hearing loss, I’d get myself some Epoq’s.

i was told my voice was design to refine the NR system. since epoq is based on art. Intelligence, supposely the instrument picks the best comb that provides the highest SN ratio, when you speak it provides a false positive…
but perhaps im wrong…