Epoq V

Oticon has just annouce 2 new additions to the epoq line

  1. the epoq power rite - for severe range
  2. a new family call eqoq V,
    a more economical version of the eqoq w or epoq xw
    it should be approx 10-20% lower in price than the epoq w, expect this to be
    replacing the mid to high end - such as the adapto, gaia, sincro or so…
  3. The 2 new families Vigo (price similar to the Tego pro and the Vigo pro) priced higher…

I will post more info very soon …

Epoq V is what I’ve been waiting for. So what’s the difference between the V and the XW?

I’m interested in learning more about people’s feedbacks to the Power RITEs by Oticon. Have the experiences with it been positive or negative?

:mad: Xbuilder, anyone,
Is there a hearing aid out there yet that can REALLY improve speech recognition in say a noisy restaurant or classroom? I am having a tough time with my Tego Pro BTE’s and occluded molds. Speech in noise is somewhat ok but not when there are people all talking in the background. I have no specs for my speech recognition loss but my SNHFL is mild to moderate. I have done the best I can with changing the SAV plugs and hook filters. I found the open fitting too itchy for my ears; I need (and have) tight molds to be comfortable. I am a teacher and in class, I have a tough time understanding the students.

Strongly think a Epoq W or Epoq XW should do the trick if oticon is the brand
you wish to stick to. Other alternatives as good are Pure and Exelia (phonak or Siemens)