Epoq V vs Dot 20/30 vs Delta 6000/8000

I’m about to get my first hearing aid and am a little confused on what hearing aid to buy. I got an audiogram completed by an audiologist at Listen Up Canada. Any feedback on this company would be great. I am 31 and had sudden hearing loss at 24 with tinnitus.

My audiogram is as follows;

L Freq R
15 250 15
20 500 25
35 1000 45
45 2000 55
55 4000 60
70 8000 50

WDS(L): 84% (70dB)
WDS®: 96% (70dB)

The audiologist gave me quotes on the Dot 20 and 30, Delta 6000 and 8000, and EPOQ W and XW.

The EPOQ’s are out of my price range but I heard the V’s are coming out any day now which are supposed to be more affordable.

I’m assuming the EPOQ V’s > Dot 30’s > Delta 8000’s? I’ve read all the threads here regarding these models so I am pretty familiar with everyone’s feedback regarding them except the EPOQ V of course since it hasn’t been released yet.

From what I’ve read so far it is best to get a trial comparing the models since everyone’s experiences are unique. Correct?

When the EPOQ V’s are released will they be only in the U.S. or globally right away?

I’m not sure how many models the audiologist will let me trial. For some reason I don’t think they will let me trial five differant models. I could be wrong. Some course of action would be greatly appreciated. I am looking for a hearing aid that does reasonably well in meetings, seminars, and moderately noisy backgrounds. The V, 30, and 8000 are a little pricey but I am willing to bite the bullet if they are noticably better.

I’m wondering if I’m just analyzing this too much and they are pretty much all the same albeit small differances.

Thank you all for the help,


Hi Brian!

My experience with ListenUP! Canada was not good. I didn’t like the audiologist I was dealing with, it seemed very corporate and like all they wanted to do was make money. I am not sure where in Ontario you are but if you are in the GTA, I would suggest Hearing Solutions (http://hearingsolutions.ca/) if you want to go with the same sort of company. I have had a wonderful experience there, and my audi is fantastic! If you are happy with the people at ListenUP! Canada then continue to deal with them, I haven’t heard anything bad about them - I was just turned off by my negative experience. Like I said though, Hearing Solutions has been great and they aren’t half as corporate and “chain like” as their website would suggest.

In Ontario, the government has a mandatory trial period for all hearing aids. So, yes you will have a trial. During this trial you can try several models if you wish. Sometimes your audi may have demo aids in the clinic. If you have ear molds if it is easy for you to try them out that way.

I do not know much about the aids that you have mentioned to be honest, I am not a candidate for open fit aids, or most other aids because of the severity of my loss. I do know that both Oticon and ReSound are good contendors in the hearing aid buisness. Both make good products.

If you weren’t satisfied with your experience with ListenUP! Canada, and you are in the GTA PM me and I might be able to help you out a little. Feel free to PM me with any other questions you have!

Best of luck!


Epoq V is already released
you should be able to get it now

Hey Brian,
I’m wearing the Epoqs right now and I can tell you they are great hearing aids, especiall if you want to connet them to any kind of other tecnology for exaple a cellphone or am mp3 - player. That isn’possible with Delta. I don’ know about the dots. I’m really happy with my epoqs! I got the streamer, too. You can connect the HA with an Ipod or your cell and it is really great! I work as an acoustican in germany an the majortity of our customers are really happy with their epoqs.

Bye Tina

dot is a different instrument… it is not a bluetooth not a wireless instrument…

But it is a good instrument… Specially the dot 30

Thanks Jenny,

I live in the Niagara Region, St. Catharines. I was pretty happy with my appointment with the audiologist, comparing her to the last two. I didn’t feel overly pressured to buy. She basically just put everything on the table and let me decide.

The cost was more than I was expecting. Comparatively the Delta 6000’s was $1000 higher than the Phonak Audeo V’s I was quoted last fall at the different place. Perhaps Oticon is a more expensive brand or maybe Listen Up Canada is pricier.

I’d rather go with a better audiologist and pay more rather than vice versa though.

Thank you for the help!


Are they the Epoq V’s?

I think I’m going to try those first. I’d rather go with new and better technology, and if they’re 25% cheaper than the W’s, it sounds like a real bargain.

For everyone… Is there any worry with trying a new model as soon as it’s released? Are there usually bugs to be worked out with new HA’s on the market? From what I’ve read so far Oticon a good reputation for high quality HA’s.


epoq V has the new feedback corrected so does the Streamer 1.1-
which are minor upgrades. The issue of the batery spring has also been corrected. That said I dont expect the epoq V to have bugs…
the fitting soft has 3 revisions as well… Their new pediatric counceling tool
is a really good tool -

Thank you XBulder. You’ve been a wonderful help! I’ve read many of your posts through the search engine which have made it much easier to learn about HAs as well as making a decision of what to get. :slight_smile:


please be aware, there are other solutions equal to Oticon products,-
So it is important to know that there are choices outthere and
that it is important to get fitted with something your audi is confortable


I am going to be getting new aids soon, am currently testing the Siemens Centra, it’s awful…anyway can you tell me the price for the Epoq’s, I am looking at the XW? But so far havent been able to get an exact price, I am being told about 5,000 euros, also is there any point in shopping around in Germany, right now I am with GEERS.

Thanks for your help

dang 5,000 euros it seems alot thats like $8000
come to the US get them here and do some turism!


I have was fitted for Delta 8000 and then was asked if I would wear the Dot to test them out for them.

I loved the delta, but the Dot 30 has been a better fit and don’t keep coming out of my ear. They sound on the Dot is actaully clearer and sounds better. It has been almost 2 weeks and I have another week or so and I am giving both a fair test/trial. I wear at work, social settings, hockey games and I have a 2 year old… so lots of activities that have “lots” of little screaming little ones around me.

I also am interested in trying the Epoq V.

I have 90 day trial and I am into week 3.

good luck

me :slight_smile:

I will report as to what I like best.

dot will always sounds better!, it is a newer instrument…
to make a fair comparison Dot should be stack against epoq,
I would say even the Vigo Pro would perform @ par to the dot 20

xbulder - do you mean that you expect the Dot 30 and Epoq V to perform similarly?

I ask because both have been recommended for me by different local HA practitioners. However, the Dot 30’s are $6,400 ($CDN) a pair with 3 yr warranty and the Epoq V’s are $5,500 a pair with 5 year warranty and 5 years of batteries, supplies and quarterly checkups.


If it was for me, the epoq V seems like a better choice, I would pick a BTE and ask my audi to use a Corda 2 (thin tubing)…
So, you get the best of both worlds, you can use it with tin tubing and
if you loose more hearing you an UPgrade to Earhook bte…
While it is not specifically stated in the software, I have use the corda 2
to fit the epoqs!

For me the bluetooth is important…


Have you tried you local hospital to see how much they charge for hearing aids? I only been to my hospital which is a big one in downtown Toronto. The service there is good. The only negative side if they are really busy, it can be a while to book an appointment with them.

I phoned Phonak about their equivalent Epoch model and ask the lady where was a good place to get them at a good price. I told her I go to my hospital and she said that was about the best I can do.

At my hospital, there is a dispensing fee and the OHIP rebate covers the dispensing fee.

I’m using a Bernafon Symbio that are about 6 years old, so I’m looking at the Epoch XW, not cheap! It will cost me about $5,000 for the aids and $300 for the streamer, I think that is list price. The dispensing fee and OHIP washes out. Is that a good deal?

Oh, I think for the Delta 6000, I was quoted about $1350 per ear, or about $2,700 or so for both. The Delta was not my main choice so I can’t be 100% about the price, it could be cheaper.

For HA batteries, I go to Costco. It’s really cheap there. For size 10, 40 batteries, it is about $8.49.

i would pick a Vigo any day… over a delta…
and it is cheaper