Epoq for Severe Loss?

Is anyone on this forum able to find out when/if Oticon plans to release a power Epoq for a severe hearing loss?

dear terri
i would think so, you see, the only power intrument oticon has on the top line is the sincro power. It is my believe that soon they will be a power instrument and perhaps some super power to replace this instrument.
generally, oticon introduces products in October (UHA - germany) and in the AAA in the US, so Check the UHA web page in 1 month time to see what’s coming

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Thank you…I will do just that!

do remember that most companies showcase their products @ the UHA and @ the AAA; therefore, it is not to wise to introduce all the products @ once.
Hence, i would be logical to me that oticon would introduce the Epoq power either the UHA and or the AAA next year…
Some products need a replacement, improvement such as the Gaia for example or a tcoil or autophone on a delta
so I wouldnt be surprise if something comes up rather soon

Ivan Capelli