Epic Hearing Service Plan-SAVES YOU 50% on new devices for FREE


Hello all:

I have just found out about Epic a company that offers major discounts to anyone apparently whether you have insurance or not. I can get the new Phonak Marvels for 50% off, $2600.00 vs $5000.00 which is amazing! But in checking into this program they say this is available as I said without insurance and costs nothing to the customer! Then why would anyone ever buy hearing devices without using this service? It seems too good to be true-will I be getting the same quality in the products from the Hearing Center I do to to have these programmed?

Is the Hearing Center taking the hit in profit here since it costs nothing to me? I wish I used them 4 years ago to buy my current Phonak Q 50’s at $4500 that could have been $2600.00.

I also find it uncomfortable I have to pay Epic the full amount for the devices a week before they get to the Hearing Center instead of at time of programming. Why not pay after like with usual Insurance uses?

I welcome anyone who’s used this company and can vouch for them as reliable and trustworthy but something doesn’t add up. Thank you!


Which model of Marvels? Who does the programming, and for what additional cost? How long is the warranty? Also be aware that top of the line HA’s can cost dealers as little as $550 each (for new HA’s, probably more like $800), so they can still make good money at $2,600/pair. The devil is always in the details.


The average cost of HA is around $4,800 for a PAIR. Be careful of anyone that tells you $5,000 for ONE


Not us, even after conversion from USD.