EOL (end of life) for hearing aids


My first set of Oticon Aids lasted about five years. I now have worn Costco Hearing Aids for one year. I continue to need to get the volume bumped up and I am wondering what the EOL might be on these hearing aids.


This isn’t really Costco specific, but here is my general advice on this topic: How Often Should I Replace My Hearing Aids?


I have had Starkey hearing aids since 2007. They have been reconditioned twice and still working today. After 8 years, Starkey will not repair the aids due to changing technologies. A hearing aid dryer to remove moisture helps to prolong the life of hearing aids. The ones that needs to be replaced are the microphone and the receiver. Sometimes the hard shell of the hearing aid needs to be replaced. New hearing aids have their logic board coated.


Is your hearing getting worse over time, or are you sure it’s the HA’s. Getting slowly worse over time sounds like a problem with the receiver (either intrinsic or related to wax or domes, etc.) rather than the HA’s themselves. Have you tried replacing domes and filters (first step)? Replacing the receivers (inexpensive or free if under warranty)?


Just had the aids cleaned at Costco with new domes. Don’t know about the filters. I’d better check. Thanks


I think it’s a pretty safe bet that they changed the filters. Once the domes are off it’s super easy.