Enzo Q7 issues

I just got a pair of Enzo Q7 aids.

#1 - they are supposed to have 17 EQ points but the software the audio uses showed only 8. As a musician I need those extra points at the low end to get truer bass. Is there a way to access the rest of the EQ points?

#2 - the aids are supposed to have remote programming but she said that does not work yet - it’s buggy? What gives? I need remote programming because the programming is never right for music - all tests are done for speech recognition. I have been self programming since 2000, so I know how to do it and what the issues are. And my previous aids were Enzo 1.

#3 - If the aids really no, really we’re not faking it - 17 points, but the audi is not familiar with the software, then i want to go back to self programming. I have a Win7 computer. Where can I get the Smart fit software to program the aids and will it run on WIn7? I know I will also have to buy a NOAHLink2 wireless interface.

#4 - If this is yet another example of overselling, then my audi has recommended the not yet released Phonak Ultra High power aid. I don’t know anything about it, how it compares to The Enso Q7 much less if it is vaporware with some eventual release date. So any input on that would be appreciated

Thanks in advance

I don’t know anything about Enzo’s but my friend is a professional musician and she wears Phonak’s with 16 channels. She finds them really good but then some people hate Phonak’s. Your best bet is the try them.

I can’t find anything on the Enzo Q7. Are you sure that’s the right name?

The Enzo Q 788 (size 13 battery) and Enzo Q 798 (size 675 battery) are both 14 channels, the 9 has 17 channel.


#1) RE 17 EQ points. Maybe I am thinking oranges when you are talking apples? SmartFit gives you a choice of (6 or 10 gain handles) for EnzoQ-9 and a choice of (4 or 8 gain handles) for EnzoQ-7.

#2) I know nothing about the state of SmartFit’s Remote programming?

#3) Yes, SmartFit will run on Win7. But there are other requirements. It is a big honking chunk of software.


One of the first things I recommend to newbies (which you are not) is to get the software setup and running FIRST! But in this case it may answer some of your questions if you do proceed to get the (readily-available) software setup first. The software has a SIMULATE feature that will allow you to pretend you are fitting EnzoQ’s.

No such thing as a “NOAHLink2 wireless interface”. I think you mean Noahlink Wireless or GN ReSound’s Airlink 2 (same device). This thread; Evolution of the Hearing Aid Programming Device may help explain the differences.

#4 I don’t know about the not yet released Phonak Ultra High power aid?

oic; ReSound ENZO Q Professional Brochure says;
Audiological Features; WARP compression (WDRC) -
number of channels 9=17 7=14 5=12

It’s a EQ798 pair. whoops - mine is 14 channel - you’re right. I’ll see if I can get access to the extra bands once I get Smart fit on my PC…
Yep I meant

I ran my old Aventa on sim mode sometimes when looking at the interaction between EQ bands. Thanks for the tip

I think we are talking past each other here on this thread about Channels/Bands/Gain Handles.

First of all, how to properly use (Channels/Bands/Gain Handles) for making adjustments for music vs speech is beyond my pay grade!! But putting that aside for a moment, my understanding is that (Bands/Gain Handles) are one and the same.

But (Bands/Gain-Handles) are different from the number of channels. Generally there are more channels than (Bands/Gain-Handles) so obviously some channels are grouped together under a single (Band/Gain-Handle) for purposes of adjusting some channels together.

For example the Enzo Q 7/EQ798 referenced in this thread has 8 (Bands/Gain Handles) and it has 14 channels as per the specs.

Here are some other references talking about Bands/Gain Handles/Channels;

This forum; Topic Channels vs. Bands

GN Resound documentation; We are often asked why ReSound does not offer one frequency gain handle for each of the 17 bands in the Warp Compressor. The short answer is that 9 gain handles provides sufficient resolution to match targets within the bandwidth of the device, but is still easy for the fitter to manage, and can be presented rather simply in the fitting software.

I found that the number of Bands/ gain-handles you get is related to the market (country) you chose when you installed SmartFit.

Yep same thing different terms. I use the audio term EQ point (AKA EQ frequency), since that is what I’m more familiar in audio / music engineering and production.

I would like to find out which countries’ software has access to all of the 14 bands. And what frequencies the bands are centered at… What I want to achieve is a solid low end (125hz) without risking boomy bass (250) or occlusion.

Hmmmmm; Maybe we are talking about different things?? I tried installing SmartFit 1.6 for all six Markets/Countries;


The resultant number of (fitting bands/gain handles) was the same for each market/country (USA, Chinese, Dutch, French, German and Japanese).

  • The premium model-9s each had 10 (fitting bands/gain handles)
  • The mid-range model-7s each had 8 (fitting bands/gain handles)

I looked at both (Quattro and Enzo-Q) which have the same number of WARP compression (WDRC) channels. That is;

  • 19 channels for premium model-9s
  • 14 channels for the mid-range model-7s
  • 12 channels for the low-range model-5s
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This is the way I see it too.
Bands, channels, handles are based on the level of aid.
At least that is my understanding.

Instead of being based on country, perhaps the difference in (number of gain handles) that you observed was caused by accidentally switching to a different model?? Especially if you were using the Simulate feature.

Also at the bottom of the gain-handle display there is a toggle that lets you switch from a high number of gain handles to a lower number of gain handles;


@azureblue; Maybe look at it this way,

Even if you had the top of the line model (Enzo Q-9) with 10 (fitting bands/gain handles) the 125 Hz frequency you are interested in adjusting is not controlled by it’s own gain handle. The lowest gain handle available is 250 Hz, so obviously the 125 Hz channel (if any) has to be included with the next higher channel at 250 Hz.

PVC - you seem to have a decent grasp of Enzo Q software and programming. Reviewing your mid level hearing loss (average) I would assume the Enzo Q would be “over kill” for you power wise. But just thought I’d ask if you’ve tried the Enzo Q7 which still could be more (power) aid then you need.

The Oticon Xceed has gotten very little attention on HT (posts) and its been out a year plus, while the Enzo Q seems to be getting more favorable reviews.

so are there controls for the “hidden” 6 other bands?

No, it’s a toggle switch. For EnzoQ-9 If you click 6, then your 10 gain handles will revert to only 6 gain-handles. In other words you can use all 10, or you can use only 6 gain-handles.

Yup, Enzo Q’s would be way “over kill” for me. I wear Oticon Opn. We were just discussing Enzo Q’s (fitting bands/gain handles) vs channels.

But since you brought up Oticon Xceed, and for the sake of comparison

The HA Model Channels Fitting-Handles
EnzoQ-9 19 10
EnzoQ-7 14 8
Xceed BTE SP 48 14
Xceed BTE UP 48 14

Also both Xceed models (Xceed BTE SP and Xceed BTE UP) have a gain-handle for 125 Hz, see below. But don’t ask me whether the extra channels and/or extra gain-handles will improve someone’s hearing! I don’t know!


Here’s an example of EnzoQ-7 toggled between using 8 or 4 gain-handles;


so “channels” does not equal EQ frequency points, aka “Channels” according to some other makers. So where are the other “Channels” and what frequencies are they?

Also, I finally loaded in Smartfit 1.6 and it launched without a hitch. BUT, I moved up from Enzo one, so the new Install also install 3.8 of the old fitting software. While it made me re- enter my audiogram, it found my old fitting data, and booted into 3.8, not smartfit 1.6. I want to see what 1.6 is about, before I buy a new wireless interface. Is there a way to force the software to boot into Smartfit?