Environmental Optimizer Gain for Music?


I just picked up the Kirkland Signature V5.0 today after using the ReSound Forza for almost exactly 90 days. I was generally happy with the Forzas and expect to also enjoy the new Signature v.5 but the one area in which I’m very picky is music. I listen to a lot of acoustic jazz on a modest but clearly audiophile type sound system. Looking over the printout of settings for the new hearing aids I see that almost all the special functions are turned off in the music program, which I believe is the way it should be. But the settings for the environmental optimizer gain function are the same in all 4 programs, set at +2 for Quiet, +2 for speech, +1 for Speech in Noise, -2 for Noise (mod.) and -3 for Noise (loud). My gut feeling says I should ask the Costco audi to set all of these to zero in the music program.

I recall seeing other threads about settings for music but can’t recall the specifics so would appreciate any advice folks might have. I’ll be going back in to Costco in 4 or 5 days.


I’d say go with your gut feeling and get the noise suppression stuff turned off or as low as possible.


Let us know what you do and how it works out. I demo’d the Kirlkand KS5’s and felt they sounded rather metallic and synthesized compared to the more natural sounding Rexton Quintra model (New Rexton model to Costco as of Sept 2013). But I did not listen to music. So that remains to be heard. I am a musician and also love high end acoustic music, jazz, I play acoustic guitar as well as electric etc. I was quite an audiophile as well …but do not listen as critically as I once did …for obvious reasons.

How do you like your Kirkland KS5’s otherwise? How is speech against background noise, road noise, wind noise etc?


I also listen to acoustic jazz on an audiophile system and used the KS5 for about 3 years before updating to the 7 just a few days ago. I ended up having everything zeroed out for the music mode. Otherwise the top frequencies were splattered especially on horns. I still occasionally got feedback at certain frequencies, particularly with soprano sax and flutes. But it was infrequent enough to tolerate. Usually just a quick turn of the head would make it stop. At first I also had to turn down the ha volume a bit for music.