Entry level hearing aids

Could anyone tell me what do we mean by entry level hearing aids ?


Ultra short answer
Cheaper HA with reduced functionality

most entry level instrument in fact perform OK, of them if not all will have
some soft of noise reduction, direc. microphones, 4 channels, etc.

in time today’s high end instrument will be entry level HI, it is a matter of time…

Does it mean that people who wear hearing aids for the first time( liek me) should wear entry elvel hearing aids??

Or what ??

Yes, maybe, it depends also from your budget.
Post your audiogram.

“Form, Fit & Function” are what matters most followed by your personal preferences.

Your AuD will usually suggest Aids based on the type & severity of your hearing loss & the type of hearing environments you normally have to deal with.

Talk to the AuD about any extra features you may need or want.
Ex. You may or may not want a T-Coil feature for telephone use.

If you won’t use or get any benefit from extra “High End” features, you don’t necessarily have to spend money for them.

Most HA product lines come in different model levels. Sort of like getting Toyota Camry with an LE, SE or LTD trim package… All 3 cars will get you from here to there, but have different impacts on how easy, fun or comfortable the trip will be.

Trying different models (Low, Mid & High) may be the only way you can determine if any extra features will be of enough benefit to you to justify any extra cost.

Bottom Line, work with the AuD to pick the HAs that best correct for your loss & listening environments & buy the extra features only if you want or need them…

Example: (Mom & I are both 1st Time HA users)

My Mom has a fairly mild high frequency hearing loss & only needed help with TV, Phone and one-to-one conversations as her lifestyle is mostly stay at home. Her biggest concerns were cosmetics (size) & ease of use (fully automatic). She did not need alot of complex fitting channels & programs.
She got Mid Level aids with very few extra features & Her Aids cost about 30% less than mine did.

My hearing Loss & environments are more complex & challenging than my Mom’s. I have a hard to fit Low Frequency Loss and I’m still working full time, with lots of Meetings in large Noisy Conference Rooms & Lots of Phone & Cell Phone use. Plus, I wanted some extras that were only available on high end aids at the time.(Bluetooth & Remote Controls)

Mom bought the first pair of Aids she was offered, but I trialed 4 different HA brands/Models before I found a pair that I was satisfied with in terms of sound quality & fit.

I could have bought less expensive aids that fit my loss & environments, but wanted the “Bells & Whistles” features. (I wanted GPS in my car, so I got an LTD edition;))

here is my audiogram

0125.HzL-20 R-20
0250.HzL-20 R-20
0500.HzL-40 R-30
1000.HzL-80 R-60
2000.HzL-90 R-90
4000.HzL-90 R-80
8000.HzL-90 R-100

Thanks for this.

If it is not a cost issue, I would defenitely go for the most expensive aid.

What really matters is speech discrimination . High frequncies is a disaster for me.

My eyes are at Phonak Versata , but don’t know if they will really fit.

The Audis here suck. They just want to sell you theor products . No trial periods( I live in the middle east). That’s the main problem here.


left ear could be a problem. There is a significant drop 40db, I would
consider a Phonak Instrument with sound recover…

this could be a challenging fit


This Phonak dealer here seem not experienced at all.

we don’t have trials here ,so I don’t know if it would work for me.

Does anyone has good experience with soundrecover??

Can I start with one aid to see if it works or not??

stream2525 I just saw your audiogram.
If you go for Phonac prefer the Certéna CIC/MC P Petite instead of Certéna CIC/MC Petite and you will need two of them.
Take a look at the fitting range.

given your loss you might be a candidate for sound recover

I have fit many Phonak hearing aids, and can tell you that from your hearing loss, with no dead zones in the highs, that sound recover would most likely just sound like distortion for you.

From your air scores, you should do very well with “natural” amplification.

The Certana Micro or Versata Micro model would best fit your loss considering your good hearing in the lows. You may experience occlusion (plugged up feeling) with the CIC Power model. Plus with the Micro model you can use the iCom to wirelessly connect to your cell phone.

I have been working with Phonak and other brands for many years, so feel free to contact me if you have something you need help with.


Are you referring to Stream2525’s audiogram? If so there is a high likelyhood of dead regions as the slope is above 20dB per octave in the highs. The only way to tell for sure is by performing the ten HL test. Regardless though, at figures above 80dB in the HF’s gain becomes with open fit and SoundRecover can be beneficial.

While it is possible Stream2525 may have a dead region, there is not sufficient research to show that frequency compression is effective for someone with a dead region.

Here is a Q&A to that regards on Audiology Online.

Also, even though there might be benifit to frequency compression for thresholds over 80dB, I don’t think it would be the case for Stream2525. I say that because everything tested above 1K is at a threshold greater than 80dB (save 4K on the right ear).

In order to push the frequencies into a region of hearing with thresholds equal to or less than 80dB, we would have to sqeeze a huge amount of auditory information into a small space between 1K and 2K. Which would be relying on the untested 1.5K to be at or better than 80dB.

I just don’t think it is something that would benefit Stream2525.

It is my experience that people with natural hearing in the highs, even when in the severe range, benefit from natural sound.

In order to push the frequencies into a region of hearing with thresholds equal to or less than 80dB, we would have to sqeeze a huge amount of auditory information into a small space between 1K and 2K. Which would be relying on the untested 1.5K to be at or better than 80d

Its been @ least 2yrs or even more since Phonak Introduced Sound Recover.
Seewald hasnt publish anything on this matter right???