ENT referral for hypoallergenic ear moulds

Thank you they said it could be roughly 4 weeks and they would write to me when they are ready so hopefully it wont take to long

Hi LRAV, you might want to ask your Doctor for some “Otomize Ear Spray” for recurring ear infections? I used hypoallergenic ear molds for many years, nowadays I use any type, I have tried other ear sprays but I found none were as effective as Otomize, but they are not keen in giving it out because of the steroid content… I use it minimally and only when an infection has kicked off, cures it very quickly. Cheers Kev

Yeah i use to get something similar acetic acid ear calm on my repeats as a preventative measure because my ears so frequently flare up and they won’t give Otomize to me unless i have a really bad infection my doctors surgery have recently stopped prescribing acetic acid it as you can buy it over the counter so now i have to buy it

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A hearing aid drying box may also help, with ultra violet to kill off any germs… To be very honest I will argue the point with my doctor and refuse to take no for an answer on Otomize, I don’t use use it often as stated in my previous post but when I get a raging ear infection then I need to get rid, I do not function very well without my aids and the doctor has always eventually relented! Good luck and stay safe… Cheers Kev.

I have a drying box and use that every night and have the cleansing wipes and have tried to make my point with my doctors surgery about otomize but they just won’t budge so have given up trying as my doctors surgery are being super tight over what they will and won’t subscribe at the minute they use to be better but everything has changed in the last 8 months with my doctors surgery

Tis difficult LRav and as with all things NHS it comes down to cost and perhaps they use the steroids as an excuse not to give you the Otomize… If you have very sensitive ears then it is a major problem so I would push them, perhaps take a friend or partner in as moral back up, tell the doctor you cannot function and he has to give you Otomize or you want a referral to ENT… cheers Kev

I did all that my mum went with me and they just would not budge because they have have a pharmacist in the practice who they have to run things by to see what they can and can’t prescribe

We seem to exhausted all the possibilities LRav… You have my extreme sympathy to say the very least! Good luck on your quest for being ear infection free, tis a very frustrating thing to live with… Enduring a very severe Hearing loss knowing that your aids can help you function better, but also being acutely aware they’re going to give you an infection is extremely debilitating, especially so when you can’t or they won’t give you the medication! Try to stay as positive as you possibly can and hopefully you will eventually get some sort of relief… Kev

I got a permanent conductive loss (until I had surgery) because of ear infections eating away my middle ear bones. It would always start off with a outer ear infection, eat through my ear drum and then attack my middle ear bones.

I find cleaning my ears with first aid antiseptic / antibacterial wipes (morning and night) has stopped all my infections.


Aye Zebras, Thank you for your input… hypoallergenic moulds only work up to a certain extent and our hands are literally covered in millions of bacteria daily so it is a wonder that all hearing aid user don’t have recurring ear infections, fortunately only a select few suffer! Cheers Kev

Would using germolene count as that is an antiseptic cream and it’s what i have in the house at the minute and think I might try that if it will do the trick

I would not put Germolene in or near my ear. What a mess of odd chemicals.

Alcohol or hydrogen peroxide will kill almost any “germ”. Let it sit on the earpiece a whole minute then wipe with a clean water-damp tissue and let dry well. If you can’t wear the aid today and you have sun, leave it in the window.