ENT ear wash --> wonderful results

Hearing in my left ear has been declining steadily for the last couple of years. I’ve had my aids reprogrammed to little avail. Finally decided to see an ENT specialist. Had a hearing test done on-site. Left eardrum performing about -20db less than right, but bone conductivity test did not show such a large discrepancy. ENT said, “This is a ear drum conductivity problem.” Examination revealed what appeared to be scar tissue from some previous infection piled up on the left eardrum. Told to come back after six consecutive nights of soaking the left eardrum with olive oil. Appointment this morning. After the wash he showed me the culprit – looked like a tiny pile of wet newspapers. Results are glorious. I can now have a conversation without asking folks to repeat what they said. The specialist advised me to have this done every six months.


Went to ent last week for a plugged ear. She said ear drum was cloudy and gave me some pills. Surprise no improvement and even worse now I am getting tinnitus in that ear.

Going to print your post for her. LOL

Congrats! What was the process for using the Olive Oil?

Three or four drops of olive oil in the affected ear for six nights, ENT stressed that this alone would not remove the tissue — just soften it so washing with his instrument could remove it