Energizer Batteries Power Issues

I ran out of my Audi supplied batteries over the weekend. So I picked up a pack of Energizer Batteries from CVS. HA’s are Beltone True 17’s. (aka Alera 9’s) And the batteries are 312’s.

Problem is that I am having a weird powering off and on issue in both HA’s. Any movement of the HA’s and the power toggles off and on. And sometimes when it comes back on I hear clicking in my ear for a few seconds before I hear sound from the HA.

This never happens with the Beltone branded batteries from the Audi. They stayed powered on and never click. Anyone else had this happen with retail store batteries?

I am sure the Beltone Batteries are just some major battery company repackaged with Beltone name. But they work very well. Anyone know who’s batteries they use?

Does the batteries have a date code on the package? If the date is close to expiration or has passed the date take them back. Also take a pencil eraser and rub the side of the battery with the holes to clean of any adhesive from the tab after you remove it, some companies tabs are stickier than others and leave adhesive behind and the battery has to be able to breath inorder to work right. As strange as it sounds the batteries from your Audi may be slightly thicker than the Energizers, you can check with a caliper if you have them. If they are thicker than the contact inside the HA may not be making good contact.

I had also considered the thickness of the batteries. But had not done anything to check it, until now.

I do not have a caliper. But I have good eyes. When I place the Beltone Battery in the cradle in the door the battery is flush with the plastic lip of the batter holder. The Energizer battery is not! It is recessed slightly in the cup. So the battery is indeed thinner.

So it seems as if the battery is simply moving around inside the HA and loosing contact.

Batteries are designed according to a standard. So makes me wonder which one matches the standard, Energizer or Beltone?

The 312 battery should have a diameter of 7.9 mm x 3.6 mm thick. found it on Wikipedia.