ELI Bluetooth


Hopefully someone will be able to answer this for me.

I have an ELI bluetooth for my BTE.
Since I have a terrible time understanding speech on the phone, I have enlisted the help of a captioning service. I do not have a land line, just an iphone.

The captioning does not work if I have the ELI hooked up to my aid.
The captions do not appear and the audio of the aid does not work.

If I use a regular headset, the captions and audio come thru fine. I have used two different captioning services and have the same problem.

I have talked with the captioning service and they do not have an answer.

Since you cannot buy the ELI anymore, I cannot get any help on that end either.

I was just wondering if anyone could answer this for me. I was truly hoping to be able to use both devices in order to understand phone conversations.

I have severe hearing loss in the left ear and profound hearing loss in the right ear.
I do not wear an aid in the right ear. I could never seem to get a aid where it could be adjusted comfortably for me in the right ear, so I just gave up wearing one on that side.
I do not have my hearing results at hand so I couldn’t list the freq.'s.


I was just at a hearing conference and talked to the Starkey rep. I mentioned the blu-pal and what a great idea it was…the microphone anyway. She stated that Starkey will soon release a similar device but will only be compatible with Starkey aids. I successfully paired the blue pal with my Phonak I-Com streamer. I haven’t had a chance to try to get the volume louder on the blu-pal but the sound quality was pretty good if just an inch or so from someones mouth. Oticon has a bluetooth microphone also that I saw at the conference. Unfortunately, that microphone is only good with the Oticon Streamer. I’ve heard from many that the Oticon microphone is wonderful and fairly cheap (as opposed to the Phonak FM option). I think it’s just around $400 versus $2000 for fm.