Eli bluetooth

I have an Eli bluetooth for my BTE that I use with my cell phone.
I have a terrible time understanding speech thru this thing.
The sound itself is fine, it’s just the understanding of what others are saying to me.
Does anyone else have one of these, and do you have the same problem.
Maybe it’s a setting ??
I have profound hearing loss in this ear so I know understanding speech may be a problem, but I thought I would be able to carry on somewhat of a conversation.
Right now this isn’t possible. I can’t hear at all thru my right ear so I do not use a aid for that side.


If I am not mistaken the ELI is made by Starkey and is many years old and no longer manufactured. around 2005

Here is an Article from Engagdet

I would suggest a newer set of HA’s and new Blue Tooth technology

There has been a lot of improvement over the past few years in Hearing Aids and Blue Tooth Technology.

Good Luck on your search

i’m pretty deaf in one ear and only used one ear piece untill the v.a. Fixed me up with a phonak that comunicates between both ears. The change is astounding. People tell me i now speak quieter also.
Irv fenton

get a siemens, Oticon, Unitron, Phonak or Bernafon bluetooth enable phone…