Eleva Problems

I am new to this site but I am glad I found it!

I have had hearing aids just a little over a month. So, I am not too familiar with much info.

I have the Eleva (larger size now). I had the small ones (behind the ear) and they did not have a t-coil in them. I could not get a handsfree device to use with my cell phone. I work alot on my cell while driving.

I loved the smaller ones. I wished I had them back. The new ones have alot of squelching, with the noizfree earpiece, I can hear what sounds like the car engine coming over the person talking. As I speed up, the noise gets louder. Even after I turn the cell phone off, I still hear the noise in the same ear. I have to turn off and turn back on the hearing aid to get it to stop. It does not happen while I am using noizfree on my home phone.

I hear alot of what sounds like a waterfall all the time.

I have had such a headache! I don’t even want to wear them.

Anyone that can help?

Would the Savia be a better fit?

Thanks for any help.

On any T-coil program, you can get some “alternator noise” when driving, where you hear the engine rev up as you accelearate, etc.

You can lessen the impact of this if you have your audi turn the noise reduction in that program to maxiumum, otherwise the “hissing” sounds can be very annoying.

This should make the program more tolerable, but you still can hear it slightly, particularly if you have just a mild loss.

If you want the micro size and have the T-coil, you would have to step up to the Savia ART CRT, which is very small (same size as the micro eleva) and has Telecoil capabilities. I like using the T-coil program with the microphone activated slightly, so my patients can still hear what is going on around them and use the cellphones at the same time.

Many of our customers use their Micro Savia ART’s with the Artone bluetooth neckloop (available at www.localbattery.com) with their bluetooth enabled phones…works very well.

Hopes this helps you out.