Electric shocks to the tongue can quiet chronic ringing ears

Where do I sign up??! Thanks for posting, very interesting!

Doesn’t sound like that dramatic of an improvement to me. 80% improved by 14 points on a 100 point scale. 20% didn’t improve at all (or got worse) Doesn’t sound like there were any controls either

Really? Great! I’ll go chew on an extension cord.


I’m gonna try a 9 volt battery first and work my way up. :joy:


Wondering if this should be in a different category than “Scholarly”.


I think the 9 volt batter would be my limit. :wink:

What do you use. A cattle prod.?

If any of you women believe this I got something you should see.
Maybe try Electroshock therapy

As soon as I find my jumper cables I’m going to hook them up to the truck and check it out? Maybe I should get a tongue stud first because the jumper cables may leave a scar.

Been there, done that. It is the best way to determine if your 9v. battery is good. You should get an fairly intense bitter taste, but it does not give you much of a jolt. Licking the business end of a pair of booster cables hooked up to your car’s battery would make one jump fairly high but I I have my doubts about it being a good fix for a tinnitus problem :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:.

Visit your local dominatrix instead of your audiologist?

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I find it just shocking


Sounds like the equivalent of smacking your thumb with a hammer so your headache goes away! :rofl: