Effects of domes on hearing quality

I have been wearing Phonak Marvel 70s for 7 months, fitted with large power domes by my audiologist. During this pandemic (and what else is there to do) I ordered other domes from Amazon as an experiment.

At the end of a long day, my ears are a bit sore from the large power domes. Also with the power domes, I feel a bit of occlusion - I feel I talk louder than what is necessary. Wearing large power domes reminds me of the days before hearing loss when I had to wear ear protection at work, and while talking I caught myself talking louder than normal.

Currently I am experimenting with Vented Medium Domes. I like the fit, I feel I can push the dome a bit deeper into my ear canal. I do hear a bit of different sound quality, perhaps more treble.

I’d like to hear from someone who has more advanced knowledge about the science of domes or from someone who has been wearing aids longer than I

My audiologist did say the power domes were best for my specific hearing loss, but there is no harm in continuing to learn/experiment.


Get custom molds and be done with it…


I have been wearing RIC aids for over 20 years ; Starkey , Siemens, and now Resound. I have worn various domes in medium and small sizes. My right ear does fine with medium open domes, however my smaller left ear has been an issue mainly due to excessive moisture. I have tried medium to small open and closed domes. Right now I am wearing a medium power dome in my left ear but must carefully dry my ear out each night and in the morning due to excessive fluid. My ENT and Audi are well aware of my left ear problem and have tried to help me by suggesting various domes, but the problem just continues.
I can only advise you to continue to experiment with whatever domes make you feel comfortable, but know you should have a REM done again once you decide on the best dome size and type. Also, there are molds to consider if you can’t find a good dome.
Good luck.

With my previous aids, I went back and forth between medium and large domes. Large for better hearing and medium for more comfort. With current aids (Resound), I have molds and like them much better. Easy to put in and good hearing, very slight amount of occlusion but OK. Probably best to work with your audi and get settings adjusted, if necessary, after any changes.