those people who sell Hearing aids on Ebay–

  1. do they program the aid, are they audis, is it legal?


You know me and the internet. I checked into those hearing aids for sale on ebay. Mostly what I found was cheap Chinese hearing aids or used ones from Grandma’s estate sale.

I wouldnt be so sure about it…

Most hearing aids are made in china…

Siemens had their entire production in china

GN resound and phonak some also some production in china (they did not disclose what is produce in china and what isnt)

THUS, rest asure it would not be long till the chinese will come with
some good hearing aid…

There are numerous legitimate sellers of new brand name HA products on eBay.

All of the new brand name products sellers claim to be registered Hearing Aid dispensers. Their prices are very keen and they do the initial programming and offer after sales support. If you have any questions simply send them an e-mail and ask!

Simply copy and paste the following into the eBay search facility available on the start page.

hearing (aid, aids) (Phonak, siemens, widex, starkey, bernafon) etc -add any other company you wish to search for! By including brand names you eliminate the cheap imported rubbish!

You will soon identify the big brand name sellers.

There is a big seller of HAs etc on eBay.

(source www.goofbay.com - ebay tools - eBay seller history tool = 30 days) Site in UK and therefore values shown in GB pounds.

30 days sales (I am not promoting this seller and that is why I have not shown his eBay user ID.)
Multiply GB pounds X 1.97079 to get US$
Items Sold: 11.05%
Total Value Sold: £49159.38 = 96,882.95 USD
Total Value Shipping: £1463.87
Total Value Not Sold: £1115532.56

120 days sales

Items Sold: 14.04%
Total Value Sold: £124253.88 = 244,878.66 USD
Total Value Shipping: £4148.47
Total Value Not Sold: £2914561.58

The lower 30 days sales % is probably due to other audi/HIS who have caught on to the idea and now are creating a more competitive eBay sales environment.

After doing some research on Goofbay.com I was most surprised to see how big this particular seller is! These figures do not include the enquiries he receives from his eBay activity, that are then direct sales and not counted in eBay sales (as applies to all savvy eBay sellers who use eBay to build their off-eBay sales!!)

No Chinese rubbish with this seller. All respected brand name stuff!

Any doubters of online sales BEWARE! This seller has it fine tuned and is taking a lot of business away from the “local only” audi/HIS. Other audi/HIS have seen this and are now slowly creeping on to eBay online sales of HAs and batteries.

Another regular poster to this board has done reasonably well selling batteries and accessories.
120 days sales
Items Sold: 8.49%
Total Value Sold: £8855.88
Total Value Shipping: £602.90
Total Value Not Sold: £80567.28


most resp HA manf ban Internet sales, so this is not sustainable in the future…