Ebay less and less supplies

Is it me or is ebay running out of supplies for roger Phonak. I wanted to get a roger select but got outbid. No select, no touche, no table mic. Are those product rare on ebay? Or is it the covid doing this? Thanks

I have noted stories closing. I suspect sellers are closing like many brick and mortar stores.

I think it’s like everything else. Less and less until we get things resolved. One way or another

Thanks. So I’m glad i did not win the bid at 450 us dollars. That would of been very expensive. It seemed the only one!!! :slight_smile: I’ll wait to everything reopens. It might be a long time :’( I’m supposed to receive them this week pen and focus. So it can wait.
Stay safe

That select on Ebay was an older version, without recievers, and might not have worked for you anyway. But check out the small Roger clip-on mic on Ebay - that might do what you want and not expensive. I got one, it seems brand new and works great!

U saw the bid play out lol. :wink: Hahahaha.

It sold at 455 us dollars lol :slight_smile: wow.

Also does it work for supper :slight_smile: in anorher post ppl said the select works better then pen for dinner situation.

Clip-on mike great for 1 to 1 not groups. Clip it on your kid and you won’t miss a word.

Nopr. Already have a pen coming in a couple of days. Pen is awsome. Need something for supper time when kids running all over husband talking kids doing homework.