eBay hearing aid prices

I was doing some comparison shopping and wanted to know if anyone has dealt with some of the larger eBay hearing aid sellers.

As a matter of comparison, Hearing Planet lists the price for ONE Siemens Pure 700 with 2 yr warranty at $2799. There’s an eBay seller (with over 14000 positive feedback) selling TWO of the same with tek unit (new with 4 year warranty) for $3399.

That’s more than $2400 difference in price. I’m 65 years old and didn’t just fall off a turnip truck so I’m instantly suspicious. On the other hand, I’ve read that there’s a huge mark up on hearing aids and have read the consumer reports article that a lot of people have gotten better prices from various vendors by “quibbling” over prices.

Does anyone have experience with eBay sellers and/or experience haggling over prices?

This will sound crazy but savings from the internet depends on your type and severity of hearing loss. With my mild high freq loss I saved a bundle buying my GN Resounds over the net. I sent my audiograph and had them programmed. I am very happy and yes I went to an ENT and a Hearing Aid Center before the purchased and know that apples to apples I saved over $2000. Do your research, be patient and deal with only reputable companies. Good Luck, Wayne
PS. I think its a shame there are so many in need of hearing aids and it remains so expensive to obtain them. Such is the world.

First, think about what you need in a hearing aid to help you hear better. (Do not start by pricing the name of some “big-name” hearing aid.)

Begin with your audiogram. What is it?

If your hearing loss is classified as profound (>70dB), consider working with an audiologist.

If your hearing loss is Mild or Moderate ( <70dB), consider all the low priced options that are available, including low priced distributers such as Costco, Ebay, etc. If you are at all computer savy, consider the Internet options such as listed here: http://www.hearingaidforums.com/showpost.php?p=25225&postcount=4 These are adjustable by the user via the USB port of any computer.

Just remember this: A huge discount on an outrageous price is usually still outrageous!

Just had my first time buying aids from Ebay. I bought two and one was bad kept shorting out and sent it back and got the option of full refund or another aid. I could not afford the big prices even when I was working and now being on a fixed income buying on Ebay is worth the gamble. Also have a strong background in electronics and audio stuff so knew a little before buying.

Don’t forget to check the sellers feedback is for hearing aids. I’ve checked a number of sellers with lots of reviews and they have sold few aids and lot’s of other stuff.

For you newbies. Yes aids are ridiculously expensive compared to other similar electronic products. This is because sale, by law, in most advanced countries, is restricted to licensed professionals. In the USA they are classified as Medical Devices which exempts them from most consumer price, interstate commerce, and restraint of trade laws.

For the vast majority of hard of hearing, those with uncomplicated mild loss this amounts to a rip-off. Its as if you have a cold and must go to a medical doctor to get a prescription for aspirin at $5 a tablet. Ed

  1. You still have to find someone to fit the aids, plan on that person charging $300-500/ear.

  2. I can tell with first hand knowledge that manufacturers are cracking down on hearing aid dispensers selling aids online or on Ebay. I have had two patients not have their warranties honored because the manufacturer found out the aid was purchased online. In most states this practice is illegal.

In most states it is illegal for manufacturers to not honor warranties because of of the aid having been bought online?


If an aid has a serial number from the manufacturer it should have a warranty. For this reason I can not see a problem concerning warranties of aids if bought from a brick and mortar or from the inter-net.

Registration of a product is simple.

It is illegal in every state but Colorado (which is were all the online shops seem to be) for hearing aids to be purchased online. Oticon has restricted even Hearing Planet (I can still get an Oticon aid through hearing planet but I have to order it, it can’t get ordered directly by hearing planet and they actually send people to brick and mortar shops to get evaluated and fit-the right way. I’m just saying, it’s a risk you take. This is coming from the manufacturers themselves. Some are going as far as canceling accounts if you’re caught selling on Ebay.

Just wanted to mention that hearing aids MAY still be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. The serial number is used for verification of warranty status.

This is a strange business.

I know of no other product that is treated this way. That is knowing that I am not the smartest person either.

If a person bought used aids off the inter-net that were still very new and that person had the original receipt with original owners address, would a warranty be available to the new owner?

Rubbish !

Hi Rick - I sent you a private eMail.

I believe there are 11 states where selling online via phone, mail or internet is illegal.

It’s puzzling in this day and age when surgeons can operate on a remote patient with robotic tools; yet, somehow, hearing aids seem to have this aura of greater complexity and risk when it comes to doing anything innovative or creative. I say scam, I say market protectionism and greed are primary forces at work.

My guess is that in the next 3 years things are going to change, since people are tired of being screwed out of $5-6,000 dollars for aids they should be paying closer to $3,300 for.

David Regan

Do you mean illegal to sell or illegal to buy, if you live in these states? Please name the states. I have never heard of any state that has declared it illegal for a resident to use the internet to make a purchase from an online website (physically located anywhere).

In a competitive market, they should be paying several hundred dollars - not several thousand - for an excellent hearing aid. Most of the engineers on this forum would put the factory cost of a top quality hearing aid (e.g., 32-channels) at under $100. In a reasonable business model, that would put the wholesale price under $200 and the retail price under $400. (Exclusive of the extra fitting costs for those with severe hearing loss).

Oticon took 6 yrs and $100 million dollars to develop Epoq. If you don’t think there is any R&D in hearing aids and it’s as simple as throw a amplifier in a shell and give it a new name, your wrong.

[quote=jchunter;28757]Do you mean illegal to sell or illegal to buy, if you live in these states? Please name the states. I have never heard of any state that has declared it illegal for a resident to use the internet to make a purchase from an online website (physically located anywhere).

I mean it’s illegal to sell. I have been reviewing the state law as I get orders from various states. I have not seen anything indicating it’s illegal for a consumer to buy online or from a cataloge.


These numbers are greatly exaggerated. Please post links to your information sources…