Ebay and Phonak Core Smart IXs

I know many people have had success buying HAs on eBay (see (http://www.hearingaidforums.com/showthread.php?t=2471&highlight=ebay)). As I’ve discussed on this Forum, I bought the core Phonak Smart IXs earlier this year. I bought them because of Phonak’s reputation as a top of the line provider and because many on this Forum raved about the advanced features and functionality. For me, for whatever reason, I was never able to get these adjusted for my hearing loss–even though I sent them back to Phonak twice and both times they were almost completely rebuilt with brand-new components (Phonak does have amazing service! In addition, six months after I initially got the HAs with power receivers an audi told me I needed regular receivers - so Phonak sent me at no extra charge the regular receivers, too. Impressive!). One thing Phonak wouldn’t allow at this point, though, is for me to try another model.

Which brings me to eBay. In order to purchase another pair of HAs, I need to sell my Phonaks. I’ve reached out to a few experienced eBay sellers to help me sell them but with their cut of 20%, the 50% cost reduction I’m offering on these HAs, and then 14% to eBay and Paypal, there’s not much left :(.

Has anybody had any other success selling their HAs or can they suggest another option?


Hi David,

If you have good feedback numbers on eBay you will have good luck selling your aids on eBay. If your feedback number is low you will not do as well. I have bought 4 sets of aids off eBay with very good results. The key is asking questions and getting to know the seller. As a seller you would need to be helpful and knowledgeable about your aids to sell them for the best price.

Phonak has been excellent to me also. My hearing results have been very good with Phonak.

Good luck

Thanks Rick. I figure my best option is to team with somebody that has a good record on Ebay since, as you mention, that is essential. And I’ll certainly provide whatever insight into the HAs that I can.

I sent you a private message !

The depreciation on used hearing aids is large. A pair of these aids sold recently for $2000, which is a pretty good price. You may or may not be able to sell your aids at this price. OTOH my guess is that any aid you get to replace them will not be any better - most likely they’ll be worse. I don’t have any suggestions for selling the aids but you probably should try out the other aids before selling the Phonak. Your main problem might be with the person programing them. What is the nature of your difficulties with the aids?

I have the same problem.

I have one Phonak Audeo Smart with power Receiver. I don’t like it.I want to sell it and try something else ,but don’t know how.