Easytek from Siemens not streaming

I just picked up my new Siemens 5bx hearing aids yesterday along with the Easytek. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 phone and have the apps downloaded to my phone, the phone shows I am paired with bluetooth thru Easytek. I am
unable to hear any phone conversations thru my hearing aids using bluetooth. If my husband calls me, he can hear me say hello thru the Easytek, but I can’t hear anything he is saying. I don’t know what else to check and can’t find much on the internet for troubleshooting. I can return them to the audiologist, but would like to be able to solve this if possible. Am I correct to assume this is a problem with the Easytek and not the aids???


L ------------R
35 - 250 - 40
40 - 500 - 35
45 - 1000 - 35
55 - 2000 - 45
55 - 3000 - 50
60 - 4000 - 55
65 - 6000 - 55
70 - 8000 - 60

Did you pair the easyTek with your hearing aids?

Before you start a call can you verify that the phone is connected to the hearing aid device? Pairing is a one time thing, where the two devices are introduced. But connecting must happen each time the devices are in range, before the call. The devices may not be connecting so your caller may be hearing you through the phone microphone. I have to go into my bluetooth devices on my phone sometimes and click on the hearing aid device to get them to connect.

Thanks, Don, I think I had phone paired to EasyTek and the EasyTek paired to the HA. I’ll do some more checking and will watch the video you sent, thanks. It will probably be Sunday before I can play with them again.

Pairing and connecting are different things. You would pair one time (usually) and then the two devices know each other.

Then, when they are both powered on and in range, they should connect. Sometimes though, they will not connect automatically. It doesn’t mean you need to pair again. You can go into your phone bluetooth settings and see the devices paired and you can see the current status. If it is not connected you can click it to cause it to connect.

Thxs again, I have a appointment next Thursday. I will continue to work with them and hopefully get it figured out unless it’s a problem with the Easytek. On my phone Bluetooth it says I’m connected to Easytek, should it show another connection? to what? The Easytek sounds when connection is made with Bluetooth, and I get a sound in my hearing aids when connected to Easytek. I also did another test with my husband and left my phone in another room away from me. He could still hear me say hello into the Easytek thru his phone but I could not hear his reply into my aids.

sounds like a problem with the neckloop.

If the phone is saying “Connected” or “Connected for Phone and Audio” for that bluetooth device and it is still not working then it must be a bad device.

I went back for my follow up appointment this week, the audi contacted Siemens, they made an adjustment remotely. I have rec’d a couple calls on the EasyTek now. But it seems to have taken over my phone. It sent a text message to my granddaughter that I was driving and would reply to her text later. I was NOT driving. Also while buying grocery shopping the other day, a tune kept playing in the aids and multiple beeping. I’ve about decided they are not worth the hassle and am going to see if the EasyTek and TV transmitter can be returned. I’ve also not been able to get the tv transmitter to work. My tv is over five years old, might not be compatible. I like the hearing aids themselves fine, and will keep them.

I’d feel really bad for you if you gave up on it. I love my EasyTek.

I had a problem early on where if I turned my head to the right, the left aid would disconnect. Straightening my head out would make it connect again and it would beep. This was especially disconcerting while driving, because I’m constantly turning my head to watch for traffic when changing lanes. This sounds a lot like what you experienced in the grocery store. My HIS was going to replace the unit, but his only replacement was defective! He replaced the neckloop, and everything is fine now.

The tune playing in your ears at the grocery store sounds to me like a bad connection in the neckloop. The text message to your daughter sounds like a totally unrelated problem.

The remote adjustment made by Siemens was probably a firmware upgrade. While it got you connected, it obviously that wasn’t all of your problem. Demand your audi give you a brand new one. If you get it working correctly, I think you’ll like it.

I had the same problem as you with the transmitter. First one didn’t work, replacement works fine. I guess this might say a little something about Siemens’ quality control for their accessories:(, but at least the problems were solved and not at my expense.

Hi, may I know… can easytek work for “change program” only with no neckloop connected? If no, then can it work with neckloop not around the neck but close to hearing aids? Thank you.

One thing that I have noticed with my ET is that when I answer an incoming call it switches automatically to the iPhone setting and I have to manually change it back to ET streaming. I have not gotten any response back from Siemens about the fix for this bug.

I noticed the same. And also I noticed that this happens after one of latest iPhone update. I think this behavior is added on purpose. When you answer using iPhone, call goes through iPhone settings, but when you’ll answer to incoming call by pressing ET button, then ET won’t switch to iPhone.

I know you posted this a while ago, have you been back to your audi since then? I reported this problem to my audi, and he tried to explain what I was doing wrong. The next week I reported that it was still happening even after carefully following his instructions. We did a quick demo in his office, then he got right on the phone with Siemens. Two weeks later he hooked up my EasyTek to his pc and downloaded a firmware update. Problem solved.

You may want to check in with your audi and see if you need the firmware update.

Did you solve this ? I just recently bought a EasyTek and was experiencing some problems, but now everything is fine ?

Good gosh! I’ve been away from the forum for a while, and when I come back I immediately stumble across this! Just for the record, I have come to hate my EasyTek and can’t wait to get rid of it. Getting new aids in October.