Easyphone Function

As you know all the Phonak digital instruments has an function called " Easyphone ". In my instruments (I have Micropower V) this function is activated when I put a land-phone in my instrument.

I would like to ask if it possible instead this function to activate the T-coil.
With this way it is not necessary to use the control to change in T-coil mode.

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:frowning: -> :slight_smile: ? (Let see…)

Yes, Your audi just has to change your easyphone from acoutsic phone to telecoil

I don’t believe this! Are you sure about that ? Because all this time my audi said me that is not possible and I was very impressed by this!

Easyphone works when it senses a magnetic force, such as the receiver in a telephone. Easyphone can be set to go into a telecoil mode or acoustic phone mode when triggered.

However, you can’t get telecoil to automatically activate through the use of a loop system, since there isn’t a strong magnetic force coming from the loop.

HearNow is correct. I opened the iPFG 2.5 to adjust your Micropower V, and there are three options to adjust, the Acoustic telephone, T-Coil, and T-Coil + Mic.

yes it can be done…in the ipfg software go to fitting>initial fit>program then you can change it in the tripilot easyphone pull down menu shown below :slight_smile:

I will try all these and I will tell you the results of the adjustment.

Thank you for your attention!