Easy OFF/ON button would be HUGE advantage

I need HA very rarely. May be 1% of time. I do not want to hear all noises and unneeded, useless sounds around. It does annoy me a lot.
Any one knows HA with the easy way to turn it of and on ON DEMAND- ie with the easy accessible button?

If you do not use your hearing aids all the time you will never get use to them. I have been wearing hearing aids for 15 years, I learned from the beginning to wear them all of the time. From the time I get up until I go to bed. If you do so and you work with your Audi you will get to the point you can not live without them. With my aids I feel like I have normal hearing again. You have to wear the aids so your brain relearns how to deal with the sounds of the environment you live in and go to.


Basically agree with cvkemp, but to answer your question, most hearing aids can be programmed to mute with a long press on a button on the hearing aid.


If you truly only need hearing aids 1% of the time (~15m per day), then keep them in a case in your pocket.

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Most phone apps can mute the hearing aids. They’re not exactly off but are functionally off. Now you’ve got something blocking your ear so you’ll hear fewer sounds than without any hearing aids. How much less depends on the type of aid and what is inserted into your ear.

My previous hearing aids did not seem to help during most of my day so I didn’t wear them. They did help me to understand people talking on TV so I would wear them in the evening when I watched. Or if I went to a movie. They were worth it for that and for me that was enough to become accustomed to wearing them.

I’m happier now that i have better hearing aids I can leave in all the time and, when needed, alter volume and programming a bit.

Although I agree very much with one point: I wish it was easier to turn off hearing aids. One reason I have rechargeables is my opinion that opening a battery door to turn off hearing aids is absurd!

Thanks for your response. However I feel like to use HA in “auditory horn” mode to avoid dependency from it.
I am strongly against “not imaging my life without”.
So, I I am continue looking for the option of easily turning HA “On” while normally it is OFF. Or HA with audio signal automatic detection.

You’re certainly welcome to do anything you like. Again, if the hearing aids are not already set up that way, it’s very easy to have them setup so pushing the button and holding it turns them off.
Here’s the general progression of a hearing loss like yours. Most people “get by” without them (or never got them in the first place) until family is so frustrated by yelling at them. By that time, the brain has largely forgotten how to interpret many sounds so all hearing aids accomplish is making things louder, but not more intelligible. You’re currently at kind of a sweet spot where you don’t “need” the aids, but they shouldn’t be too tough to get used to and your brain can still fully interpret speech sounds. Your call. Good luck.


I use to try Costco HA and returned it because it was 1)not rechargeable 2)ugly way to turn OFF by opening the door ONLY 3) I did not find “sleeping mode” =ether auto ‘audio signal’ sensing to “wake it up” or handy switch to do the same manually. I other words use HA in ‘on demand’ mode is not foreseen.
I do not believe in audiologists fairy tail /mantra that HA need to be used permanently to train brain… etc.
I would be appreciated to have HA (having desired feature + rechargeability ) name/brand
What is it? Rexton, Resound, Phonak or something else?
Thanks in advance

I don’t know Resound HAs at all, but I know earlier models of Rexton/Signia could be programmed to mute the hearing aids. So for Costco, the current model would be a Rexton Adore. It is also available in a Rechargeable model. Resound definitely has a rechargeable model at Costco. Unsure about Phillips and Phonak, but it shouldn’t be difficult at all to walk into a Costco hearing aid center or any audiologist and tell them you want a rechargeable hearing aid (lithium is generally acknowledged as best) that you can turn off or mute by pushing a button.

You can think what you want, but eventually word recognition scores decrease and even with lots of gain, the brain can’t make sense of them. I must admit I don’t know if there’s any evidence that hearing aids can help maintain word recognition scores as hearing loss worsens.


when I was trialing the oticon opn aids, I would use the app all the time to mute and unmute…just testing and experiencing the difference with and without. It was great…the app was basically always on, and it even had a mute button live on my “lock screen”. It was kinda cool I thought…and would be sort of useful for what you are wishing for

With the phonak app though, it takes at least 5-6 seconds to open the app, and that is after unlocking the phone, scrolling to find the icon, and clicking the icon… not very “easy”

Dear MDB I’d be appreciated for the name of HA which has the options you mentioned handy- Off- On feature.

What hearing aids do you have?

Based on your extensive experience?


As above in previous post–Rexton Adore for sure. But, there are lots of others. @bradw Most hearing aids can change programs and mute without using the app by using buttons, but they need to be programmed by the hearing aid fitter.

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I was like you.
Did not believe the stuff about retain you’re brain.
Wore the aids for six months.
Decided they suck.
Did not wear them for six months. Tinnitus finally got to me. Out of desperation I started to wear them again.
So after one and a half years and multiple audiologist visits my aids finally do not suck. They are not perfect but I hear most things and most people.
I wear them twelve to fourteen hours a day.
Mine are audible and my right aid has a mute feature.
Hold the button down and of they go.
Hold it again and on they go.
I do use the feature on occasion.

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I have been wearing hearing aids daily, all day long for 15 years and I can tell you for sure that my brain has slowly been retrained to hear things that I once could not hear. I can also tell you that hearing aids if correctly chosen and correctly fit can give a person as close to a normal hearing as you can ever imagine.
When I first got hearing aids I was sure I made a huge mistake not only with money spend but with my capacity to hear. Over time and as hearing aids became better my hearing without aids have become worse but my hearing with hearing aids have become much better. I know have only one program and I do not need any other. I do have the TV connect and I stream calls from my iPhone to my aids, but I can and I do very well without them now and in the past I could not have heard a phone call without the streaming and TV was a huge problem with out the TV streaming. Not only is this due to improvement in the aids it is also improvement in the way my brain understands what what is being said to me. The same is true in the fact I no longer have issues with noisy environments, it is due to hearing aids improvements as well as my brains sorting out the sounds as important and not important.
Why have I had this result? Well it is because I have had a positive attitude and excepted the fact that my aids were my best way of life. I have learned everything I could about my hearing loss and I have learned everything I could about how aids works and what they can do and can’t do. Technology changes faster than we can keep up with it but getting that technology to the ones that need it takes longer due to regulations.
Stay positive and be patient and be willing to take a little suffering along with the better hearing and like me one day it is just like wow everything is working great.


The OP is being inversely intelligent in his approach to his hearing health. Sir, if you only use the hearing aids 1% of the time, why did you spend that money? Why do you care about an off button? You don’t use the hearing aids. They can’t help you if you don’t use them.

There, ‘community’ is that polite enough?


I have no idea why you would not want to hear as well as possible. There is no physical dependency like you might have with a drug.

It is absolutely true that your recognition gets worse the longer you wait. I waited far too long and it took several months to get used to them. I had distortion and all the usual adjustment issues, like plates clanking together sounded too loud. But after a while everything sounded much better and my word recognition has improved.

You can avoid a lot of the negative effects if you start wearing them now, all day, every day.

Is it really a vanity issue? If so there are IIC style hearing aids now (Invisible Inthe Canal).


cvkemp exactly stated what would be my report on hearing aids. That has been precisely my experience!

Sounds like an old wives tale. Don’t wear your reading glasses because you will become dependent on them.

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The Costco KS8 hearing aids which are essentially Rexton or Signia aids can be set to be turned off with a long hold on any button. I find it to be very useful. I use it daily when I run our burr coffee grinder which is brutally loud. I just do the long hold before I run the grinder, and then again to after it stops to turn the aids back on. I also use it outside occasionally (like today) when there is a really strong wind that the wind noise suppression cannot handle. And last, I find it to be the best setting to use on an airplane. If I just turn the aids off, it becomes much more comfortable on a long trip. If I need to talk to anyone I turn them back on as needed.

I find it to be a really valuable feature and would miss not having it. You should ask your fitter about it. Your current aids may have the feature, but it is just not turned on.

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