Ears are Sore

Back in September I purchased new hearing aids. I went with a BTE with the mold in the ear kind. My last ones were the whole aid in the ear. At any rate, I am finding my ears are sore a lot. I think my ears leek sometimes and also the dead skin or wax (which ever it is) I pick out of my ears. I can’t stand it in there and sometimes this will leave a sore that scabs over etc.

Does anyone have this problem and do you have any remedies that help with the sores healing faster or maybe even something you do that keeps this from happening as often.

I also have times where my ear is just sore down in the canal. I clean them out every night. I have tried putting neosporen, but this does not seem to be much help. My husband says to rest my ears, but doing so means I don’t hear too well and I don’t like that. I figure they get rest while I sleep.

Anyone have any suggestions as to how to make this better?

sounds like you need new earmolds

I had the same problem one year ago until change my earmolds (soft earmolds)

remember soft earmolds arent necesary soft

there are levels of how soft the earmolds are

this are call shoreness… so make sure to talk about this with your audi

Thanks for all the imput. My ears got even worse since I posted last. I called and went in to get impressions to have new ear molds made. The ones I had were silicone and my hearing aid specialists seems to think I might of had a reaction to that as well. Plus I think they were a little too tight. I am back for the moment wearing one old hearing aid and I can’t wait for the new molds to come in. I kept thinking it would get better. I’ve had these new aids since mid September and I just kept thinking they’d get better.