Ok i have been going clubbing a lot lately , and i was wondering about getting ear plugs , i have found this website here and could anybody take a look for me plz and tell me what you think would be the best ones to go with? i just cant stand losing my hearing every time i go clubbing, its annoying, anyways heres the site , hope to hear from people :slight_smile:

this is the main page of the entire website below


ps. i know its the wrong section of the web page , but nobody seems to answer me in the other sections :frowning:

I’m not qualified to give you expert advice, but…

Guess the best place is to email or call an audiologists office. They can give you some options to help keep your hearing safe…as for online help, an member audi probably might be able to give you some pointers here…but the best ear plugs will have to be the ones that cover your ears and surrounding area around the ears…that’s the bigger problem, bone conduction. You can plug your ears from noise damage, but the bones surrounding the ear also “hears” and can also get damaged by excessive noise.

Well, checked out the site you mentioned…not bad…some of those plugs are pretty impressive…but like I said, not qualified to give you good advice. here’s one I thought would be pretty good, but at $30… http://earplugstore.stores.yahoo.net/alnasoearpl.html

what is that chart talking about? can you explain to me? :stuck_out_tongue: it says it has removable pieces that you can swap in and out? whats the difference in the pieces?

the difference between the pieces is the amount of noise that get’s filtered. It’s similar to turning down the volume of the stereo. For example, you have it set at max volume, adding the low filter will drop the volume to half of the loudness, the medium will drop it 25% more, and the high another 25%. These ear plugs seem nice, as you can adjust your loudness like a volume control in three levels.

okay thanks for the info, :slight_smile: now i have one more question , i found these really neat earplugs but im so confused about how to get them made…

it says contact an audiologist and then contact some mold lab? i dont understand , so who makes them and who sells them and what is going on ? im so lost?? is it the audiologist who takes the impressions of your ear? or is it the lab? because i mean whats the point of the audiologist if its the lab that makes them and fits them and all that :S its so confusing

If you are not sure about the word attenuation, here’s the link: http://www.webopedia.com/TERM/A/attenuation.html

Also it looks like you need to go to an audiologist that can make a mold of your ear and send them in for to be custom made. This is the best way to protect your ears and the most expensive way. It is also the most comfortable ear plugs…

You can simply call the earmold lab closest to your area http://www.etymotic.com/pro/emlab.aspx
that can locate an earmold dispenser to help you get what you want…

the ear mold lab makes the ear mold, but the dispenser has to make the impression for them…

it looksl like all the mold labs are in the u.s. and i live in canada… :frowning:

what would be the best filter to get for going clubbing the er 9 , 15 , or 25 ?

That’s the biggest problem…I’m not qualified to give you an answer…the 25 gives the best protection in noise…but how much is lowered, I do not know…you are talking to someone with a 95 dB hearing loss, I have 4 times the loss of what you are wondering about reducing and do not need any more reduced :smiley:

You can still call/email a local audiologist and ask if they can get custom music filters made. You can mention these earmold labs, maybe the audi has another in mind that is local…

Look at the link again…scroll to the bottom, you have four of the labs in canada!!