Earplanes vs. Powerdomes?

I have now used Earplanes during flights because otherwise my ears get plugged up for weeks and I have issues.

I recently switched to PowerDomes for my Phonak Audeo YES, which have been amazing… They have no vents and essentially block the ear completely - so for me personally it’s a great thing because it means no feedback.

Anyway, I’m wondering that since the powerdomes plug up my ears (I push them in) - could they perform like the Earplanes do in helping with the plugged ear problem I have if I don’t wear Earplanes?

Earplanes says the product: “Relieves ear discomfort, clogging and popping with the exclusive CeramX filter that regulates air pressure naturally.”[SIZE=3]

[/SIZE]I know the product isn’t a gimmick because I wear them from the beginning of the flight to the end. They plug up my ears completely.

I make sure my ears are plugged up as well.

With the earplanes on, I feel the sensation of my ears wanting to squeeze tighter as I fly (and I think the earplanes work because they prevent the ears from squeezing as much)… well, the result for me is that my ears don’t get plugged up and there’s not nearly as much popping (pretty much none at all). The Earplanes are not that comfortable I will admit. If I were to wear them again, I might try the small size. (Since the new PowerDomes I got are the Small size too!)

So, any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

I’d love to just wear my Phonak Audeo YES hearing aids with the PowerDomes without the hassle of taking them out during a flight.

Thank you!

In earplanes, I think my ears feel like squeezing, because I fly (I think earplanes work because they prevent ear squeeze as much as possible) … well, the results I was, my ears are not plugged up there are so many pop-up