Earphones for watching movies on iPad or computer

I wear Oticon Agil Pros. It when I watch TV, I’ve used the closed captioning with or without my hearing aids. However, lately I’ve been watching movies on my IPad, using the earbuds (without hearing aids) that came with it, and I’ve found the whole experience much better than watching on TV (as long as I’m watching alone.). The sound is much crisper and I don’t need the captioning. I’ve just ordered a new Macbook which has excellent sound,as well as very sharp picture.

Is there any headset/earphone/earbud that would do an even better job? I’m looking for,the best experience without spending a fortune.


I’m hopeful somebody more knowledgeable responds. I think the ideal way is to get the sound source directly to your hearing aids via streaming, but I don’t think your aids support that and even if they did, it would require a device to wear around your neck. If you’re going through an Apple Store, you could ask if they have any “better” earbuds that you could try. Also might want to look into apps that try to replicate hearing aids. They would let you adjust the frequency response closer to what you need. Again, ideal way is to stream sound directly to your hearing aids, but that won’t be cheap, especially if you’d need new HAs. Sounds like you’ve already improved on your situation dramatically.

If you are listening to a modern TV using its speakers, I can see why you find anything else better. A decent sound bar changes that. The accessory for TV sound to you aids is probably the best for understanding speech. The BT accessory can pipe sound to your aids from any computer, phone or device that has BT.

Not as much as you would think - though Sonos are excellent.

The main benefits with ear-buds are the degree of coupling and the removal of the input/amplification stage from the process - their main downside is that you can’t tune the output relative to your hearing.

Well I have a Hitachi bar that include a feature called Clear Speech. It is almost as good as my direct BT connection.

Depends… Do you want wired or wireless, buds or over the ear… usually Costco, best buy, etc have a bunch out to try. If you are going to use these with your Mac. I would go for lightweight wired.

Not sure if you are looking for headset for Mac or TV … I also have Agil Pro aids, and several years ago had tried out the old TV streamer that was sold to me 4 years ago - TOTAL TURKEY! Dang device simply NEVER EVER worked with my aids. I did indeed have to wear the Streamer Pro necklace device (same thing I use when streaming phone calls). But the volume control on the streamer necklace would only boost the TV volume to an uncomfortably low level at its MAX. I ended up giving that turkey right back to my aud guy after about a year of utterly frustrating use.

By contrast, my Oticon miniRITE aids stream beautifully! with the TV streaming device. (The fact that Oticon has not released a clip-on phone streamer is now the boondoggle to keep me tap-dancing with no 100% solution.)

Nancyb, you don’t post your audiogram, but if you are able to hear well with headsets and no aids, you should have some decent options for the TV. TV ears? Seriously, sold at CostCo and gets the job done. I still use my Agil Pro ITE aids about half the time, but find that if I put ANY headset over them, I get the “woo! woo!” of feedback, perhaps cuz I need the volume on my aids turned up too high. You can tinker with aid volume and headset volume device to see what works best for you. If you are looking for ear buds for the Mac, I have no experience there, but DO find my Sennheiser headphones fabulous - it’s just that they are way too bulky for what I think you’re looking for.